Popular Tools For Teacher Collaboration

Popular Tools For Teacher Collaboration

Monday to Friday, plans for every day, what to teach, what activities to be done, 4 sections different teachers for all classes doing the same work every day.

Imagine if these teachers collaborate with the different ideas and methodologies they use, the level of innovation that will come out. The twist in usual activities and lessons and collaboration among teachers can help them develop better lessons and utilize content from each other as well.

Teacher collaboration is important for many reasons. To name a few; it leads to the decreased chances of teacher isolation, build relationships, better content and more. Enlisted are some of the most popular tools teachers can use to collaborate. Check’em out!

1. Google Drive

G Drive has become a standard utility for most of us. With various apps that it provides collaboration is nothing to be concerned about. The drive offers apps like docs, sheets, slides and many such where people can work together on any work they wish to. Most importantly, you can get to them from any computer, any browser, and from virtually any location. Google Drive’s live (real-time) collaboration is remarkable.

2. HaikuLearning

Haiku is a popular education site, and it’s free for teachers – the solo plan includes 5 classes with up to 2GB of storage (with the ability to upgrade for a fee if you need more). This cloud-based app provides content sharing, assignments, feedback, grading, and more. Somewhat along the lines of Edmodo, Haiku is a basic Learning Management System that provides rich tools for the classroom.

3. Yammer

More like a social network for teachers, Yammer provides a platform for you to communicate and collaborate privately with your colleagues. Teachers can sign in with the organizational email address, and can use the platform via web, desktop or mobile. You can chat openly or privately, share documents, and even like somebody's status if you so wish!

4. Redbooth

A communication and collaboration platform that facilitates users with vast features. The platform incorporates task management, discussions, file sharing, notes, chats and HD video conferencing accessible through web or mobile. Supporting both small businesses and large global organizations, platform has gained more than 4,00,000 users including organizations such as BBC, Cisco, Duke University, Harvard University, Subaru, Volkswagen and Audi.

5. Vyew

The platform aims to provide users with powerful collaboration tools. Vyew allows users to meet online, share content anytime and upload files documents images and other resources.

Features of the platform are:

- Online platform that can be accessed by any web browser hence does not require any specific installations.

- Great compatibility with PC, Linux, PowerPoint, Documents, Images, Videos, Mp3s, and Flash Files.

- 4 distinct conferencing features user can chose from. Whiteboards, video conferencing, screen sharing and voice over IP available.

- Makes collaboration an easy process by providing saved and continuous rooms, contextual discussion forums, voice notes, tracks and log activity.

- The user gets a free 30-day trial and is charged for services afterwards.

Which other tools do you use? Share with us in the comment section below.  

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