PostPlay Plugin Turns Written Content into Audio, Provides Easy Access to Voiceover Services

PostPlay Plugin Turns Written Content into Audio, Provides Easy Access to Voiceover Services

Huntsville, Ala. — Narration service provider PostPlay is getting an upgrade.

The Huntsville startup announced today a WordPress plugin for its on-demand voiceover services, which will allow content creators to turn blog posts into audio posts with the click of a button.

“We understand that bloggers are always on the go and need to create and post content as fast as possible. With the new plugin, they’ll be able to quickly convert a post into audio without disrupting their workflow,” said Drew Parker, co-founder of PostPlay. “In addition, we released our API for web developers, so the plugin is accessible on all platforms.”

Since its launch in February, PostPlay has provided narration for blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts and educational services such as CrunchPrep, a GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) performance measurement company.

CrunchPrep wanted to provide video lessons to help students better understand concepts, so they turned to PostPlay.

“PostPlay helps us with top quality narration for our content, which we cannot do on our own,” said Raghavender Rao Jitta, CEO of CrunchPrep. “There was minimal work from our end, and everything was taken care of by the PostPlay team. The high-quality narration will help our students understand our lessons better, and will help us surpass many of our competitors who lack similar services as part of their courses.”

The PostPlay process is both affordable and user-friendly. At only five cents per word, you can create an audio version of a post in three easy steps: 1) upload your content, 2) check out, 3) wait for a narration to arrive by email 2-3 days following your purchase.

Learn more from this instructional video.

To download the plugin and turn your blog posts into audio posts, visit

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