Top Music Websites & Apps Your Kids Must Explore

Top Music Websites & Apps Your Kids Must Explore

Children love to make music rackets.

Do you observe kids making sounds or humming many times and being happy by doing all such things. Mentioned below are few music apps and websites that are for kids. Educators and parents must explore these apps and websites with the kids to motivate and push them to do better in their passion for music.

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1. Aimed at five-year-olds and up, Easy Music is an accessible introduction to music theory for children, with animated characters. These animated characters teach them to recognize notes, pitch, melody and rhythm. Once they have the basics, they can begin with composing their own music, with a colorful rainbow piano to show off.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

2. Toc and Roll suits best for the creative heads. The app aims to encourage children to start writing their own songs – using its bank of samples of various instruments, as well as recording their own singing. It’s a GarageBand for primary-school children, with cute characters but also lots of depth for young composers.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

3. Let’s Go to Opera isn’t about making music, but rather learning about its history: and opera specifically. Children are introduced to the music and its live setting, with characterful illustrations and information that steers clear of dryness.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

4. Kids Fun Music Games inspires and encourages kids to create own melodies. The app is a great introduction to explore the world of sounds and tunes. This elementary game features activities that foster children’s creativity, motor skills, and appreciation of music and sounds. It was extensively tested with pre-k children to ensure its design is as uncomplicated as possible and girls and boys can explore it independently. We hope your little loved ones will love it!

Compatibility: Android, iOS

5. Hear your kid create music that sounds like a grown-up made it, Figure is another app that can give kids the experience of creating their own music with loops. Made by the creators of powerful music software Reason, Figure lets you play with and customize drum, bass, and synth loops with impressive results.

Compatibility: iOS

6. Keezy’s super simple interface lets kids record 8 different sounds which they can then play back in different combinations to make music. Since kids create through recording their own voices and sound effects they can come up with, they learn about the connection between music and sharing one’s own feelings, interests, and experiences.

Compatibility: iOS

7. A must mention for any parent whose child is learning to play piano is Piano Dust Buster. All you have to do is set up your iPhone or iPad above the keyboard, and then children work through its exercises, with the app listening (via the microphone) to assess their efforts. There’s a virtual piano if a real one is lacking, and plenty of popular songs to learn, bought via in-app purchases.

Compatibility: iOS

8. DoReMi 1-2-3 is a fantastic one for younger crew. Learn songs by ear with pandas and cows and other cute characters while also learning solfege. The verbal instructions are fabulous with just the right amount of encouragement and the interface is really fun, bright and colorful. In the free play option your child will learn colors and numbers as well as solfege all while developing their musical ear.

Compatibility: iOS

9. WildChords teaches you the most popular chords, and also includes melody and scale exercises for lead guitar playing. The game is played with a real guitar (acoustic or electric), and requires no additional equipment to be played. The iPad recognizes each chord and note you play, and tells you whether you're playing right or wrong.

Compatibility: iOS

10. Noteworks is a really great app for practicing learning your notes and to improve sight reading skills. It's designed so that it can be used by beginners to advanced students, and for music teachers with multiple students. Apart from actually being fun, the real gem in this app is the ability to choose a clef - treble, alto, grand staff, tenor, bass.

Compatibility: Android

Some Music Websites that You Must Check are:

- SFS Kids Fun With Music and Games

- PBS Kids Music Games

- Sphinx Kids: Music Games includes 10 amazing web based music games.  

- PlayKidsGames: Music

- Music Tech Teacher

- Interactive Sites for Education: Music Fun

- Guitar Lessons

- Creating Music

- KidsSites: Music     

By the way, do you know that listening to music is one of the few activities that use the entire human brain? Share your experience with these apps and websites with us in the comment section below.   

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