Popular Tools for School Inventory and Asset Management

Popular Tools for School Inventory and Asset Management

Asset tracking for education institutes is one thing that is a concern for most organizations.

With so much to do school asset tracking and school inventory management can get a little low on the list of priorities. In such scenarios asset management software plays a big role. These software help you keep a track of all the inventory and assets.

Below is a list of 5 such tools that can help institutions with the concern of school asset tracking and school inventory management.

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1. SchoolDude has been “the #1 provider of software solutions for educational facilities and technology professionals since 1999.” Their inventory management software, SchoolDude InventoryDirect, is a cloud-based inventory management software solution. The tool tracks all inventory transactions for schools. InventoryDirect helps schools streamline the process of requesting, ordering, and tracking school supplies and tools and also helps in allocating supplies for upcoming work requests, to save schools time and money.

Key Features of the tool are:

- May be combined with SchoolDude’s corrective maintenance solution for issuing and charging inventory to work orders or SchoolDude’s preventive maintenance solution for planning stock levels for scheduled recurring maintenance tasks

- Manages inventory by category types and allows inventory to be issued to a location, project, person, or work order

- Tracks all material transactions and assigns stock pools to see which items are low and need to be replenished

- End-users have the ability to make online requests, and then sends email notifications to end-users with approvals, denials, or back order notices

2. IntelliTrack Software helps schools manage inventory and assets, including anything that can be tagged or barcoded. In fact, educational institutions choose IntelliTrack for their inventory management needs because the software solution makes it possible to track textbooks, AV equipment, computers, and school supplies. This barcode tracking software tracks school resources for school districts, universities, and colleges.

Key Features:

- Track AV and technology equipment including laptops, computers, and more by location, person, and date

- Track daily supply inventory to know where items are and when to order more

- Monitor maintenance supplies and consumable items

- Categories and track inventory automatically with barcode labels

3. ASAP Systems offers a comprehensive inventory and asset tracking system for schools that is enabled by barcode and smartphone technology. ASAP Systems’ Passport delivers automated inventory management and asset tracking to school districts, colleges, and universities. This inventory and asset management system can be configured to fit any school’s specific needs. Passport also has the capability of tracking faculty, staff, lab computer, printers, audio equipment, video equipment, workshop took, materials, and library books with wireless barcode scanners, configurable reporting, check out-in capability, and much more.

Key Features:

- Schedule asset maintenance

- Multiple sites

- Track assets by location, person, serial number, model number, etc.

- Data import

- Email and text alerts for inventory management

- QuickBooks integration


Hayes Software Systems, the leader in inventory control software and services for the K-12 education market.

By offering SaaS software and services tailor-made for the unique needs of education professionals for over 26 years, Hayes has helped over 7,100 schools across 33 states (including 32 of the top 100 districts in the country) implement inventory control solutions.

While primarily servicing K-12 school systems, Hayes also has customers in higher education, state agencies, and government entities. 

5. An ecosystem to connect students, academics, and staff, EducationStack offers its inventory management system software for efficiently managing school or college inventory. With the tool in use educational institution administrators can easily manage their school’s entire inventory with EducationStack Inventory Management System Software.

Key Features:

- Vendor management allows administrators to add, edit, or delete vendor details in the database

- Add and maintain a complete list of inventory items

- Maintain separate purchase and sale lists for efficiently recording transactions as inventory moves from staff to student or student to student

- Print inventory receipts as items are checked in and out

Which other tools do you use? Share with us on the comment section below. 

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