Top Reading Games You Must Explore Today

Top Reading Games You Must Explore Today

Kids can’t keep their hand off the phones.

So, let them have some learning from the phones only. With interactive educational reading games for kids it is so much easier for parents and educators to help their kids start with their reading habits and help them in cultivating a reading habit.

Below is a list that mentions some amazing reading games that you can begin with.

Check them out! 

1. Kids Learn to Read

This game includes 6 sections. Every section is aimed to let children enjoy the game and attain a successful learning experience at every step.

2. Learn English by Stories

Help your kid to improve learning and reading skills with this engaging app. With Learn English, through stories you'll be able to listen to different stories and learn vocabulary, as well as its different usages in the real English-speaking world.

3. Learn to Read

Kids can get a head start on learning to read with this reading game, designed for kids from Kindergarten to second grade. Using a flash card deck of sight words, children will develop the building blocks of reading. Voice prompts, examples, and easy-to-read text come together in this highly educational app.

4. Read Me Stories

Develop a daily reading habit with this app that delivers a brand new book every day. Fun features include text highlighting as it’s read and the ability to touch characters and explore story lines.

5. Aesop’s Quest

In Aesop’s Quest, Aesop the Ant reads through stories, revealing clues that help him in his quest. Little readers must remember important elements of each story to help Aesop along the way, developing reading comprehension and cognitive reading skills in a really fun way.

6. Reading Raven HD

With hands on this app kids can go on a reading adventure with book-loving Reading Raven. The five carefully constructed levels take kids from learning the letters of the alphabet to reading sentences. The app can be easily configured to present material appropriate for kids ages 3, 4 or 5. The gameplay includes learning adventure cycles through 11 different interactive games set in exciting environments, including a circus and outer space. Kids learn to read while catching butterflies, playing with acrobats, matching rhyming parts of a rocket and more. Also, the good part is that the app automatically adapts to the child's motor control ability; so if your kid is having trouble tracing a letter, the app will make the letter bigger.

7. Learn with Homer: Reading & Educational Games

This comprehensive learn-to-read app offers interactive games, songs, poems and books to teach kids that letters have sounds, letters combine to make words and words express ideas. Presented as 16 lessons, each with multiple parts, the first two lessons are offered for free. The poems, songs and books have no interactivity, and they don't highlight individual words as read.

But what engages kids the most is the character from the app, “Homer”, a charming pigeon that hosts an environment filled with vibrant images and fun interactive learning games that employ solid learning techniques. For example, in addition to hearing the letter sound, players see a virtual kid speaking the sound; and then the app asks your child to record that same sound. The app cleverly rewards kids with hilarious thinking caps to place on top of their photo avatar.

8. Question Builder

Appropriate for children who are already reading, this app helps a child develop critical thinking skills and comprehension.  It also encourages abstract thinking and inferring, a difficult skill to reinforce at such a young age. It is one of the only apps that focus on inferring and abstract thinking, so it managed to make it on the list despite its heavy pricing.

9. Dr. Seuss’ ABC

This is basically an electronic version of the beloved classic by Dr. Seuss.  There are three variations to this app:  Read to Me, Read by Myself, or Auto Play.  There is also a voice recording option where your child can read it aloud and record his/her voice (or a parent can record).  There are several other Dr. Seuss books available as apps:  Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?, Yertle the Turtle, and Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street.  There is also a collection of 5 stories (including The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, The FOOT Book, Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? and Fox In Socks) all in one app.

10. BOB Books

BOB books are famously popular with parents of beginning readers. The app can be very beneficial for helping children learn to decode, but the illustrations in the paper books are pretty boring.  The app adds a bit more interaction, which makes it more appealing and engaging for kids.  You can get the lite version for free to try it out before you pay the full price for the app.  You can also buy Bob Books #2 (HD for the iPad or for the iPhone/iPod Touch)

Share your experience with the reading apps that you use.

Mention in the comment section below. 

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