Must Watch Videos to Understand About Open Source Learning

Must Watch Videos to Understand About Open Source Learning

Open-source learning is an emerging education practice that allows students to capitalize on the scope and power of the Internet to create and manage their own learning experiences and produce interactive material that is available online to everyone.

Various learning management systems support the method. However, the impact of the same is underrated and so to help you understand the same below are some videos.

The videos below highlight the impact, importance and will help you understand why this method of learning is important for students.  

1. Open-Source Learning aka "Unschooling" Defined by John Taylor Gatto

Challenging the traditional pedagogies Mr. Gatto is one of those educators who are transforming the education. Check this video for awesome insights on open source learning and the impact.

2. Open Source Learning: David Preston at TEDxUCLA

David Preston, a Ph.D. in Education Policy from the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Science shares his insights on the concept of open source learning and will help you understand the importance of the same. 

3. Innovation and Open Source Learning

What happens when open source learning is welcomed at the education institutes? Students blossom.  Watch out in the video how students incorporate the pedagogy and flourish in their knowledge.

4. Open Source Teaching & Learning: TEDxMonterey by Jon Isham

In his talk Jon shares the core "open source" principles and values that are shaping his recent work at the intersection of education, social entrepreneurship, and social change.

Share your views on the same in the comment section below. 

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