Why I Needed A Website While I Was Still A Student

Why I Needed A Website While I Was Still A Student

When you are a student, there are so many things you need to focus on, studying, having good grades, extra academic activities and in some cases, keeping your student job.

So you might wonder, why should you listen to me and spend your free time making a website? The truth is, it can help you in so many ways that it’s hard to mention all of them.

CV site

Once I graduated, there wasn’t not much to show to potential employers, because I spent all my time at the university studying. So what could I do to use that to my advantage then?

There are always many different projects and assignments every student is proud of, no matter what they study. I found projects that I thought demonstrated my skills and showed off a bit on my site. According to some studies, employers spend less than 10 seconds reading your CV. So why not get off to a great start and make them remember me? I used the fact that not many people had personal website (and still don’t have), and I stood out whenever I applied for a job.


When I was a student, there were so many people that used to paint or write poetry, yet they were always reluctant to share that with others. My passion was make-up and I knew that I can’t bother people on Social Media about it. That’s why I created a blog about beauty products that I used. Shortly, my friends started creating their own blogs where they shared their works of art because of me.

Having a blog about something I was really passionate about helped me relieve stress and even become more successful. Whenever I felt anxious or under pressure, I worked on my blog and before I even knew it, I was ready to handle everything that’s bothering me.

Connect with others

We live in a completely different era of teaching and learning - there is no point denying it. Traditional methods stopped working long time ago and embracing contemporary technology in classroom became almost mandatory. And not only in the classroom, but outside of it as well.

One thing all students have in common is similar problems. When I was a freshman, there were so many things that I wanted to ask and I had no one to turn to.

If you create a website where you will talk about your personal experience while studying, it can help so many fellow students. And not just them, but also people who are thinking about attending the same college. You will connect with many great people that share the your interests. And who knows, you might end up helping each other land a great job. Nowadays, it’s all about networking and making connections, and a website will help you do exactly that.

When I started thinking about having personal website, my biggest fear was that I will have to learn how to code. To be honest, I didn’t have time nor desire to do that. Just as I was ready to stop thinking about this, a friend of mine told me that there are numerous platforms that I could use to create a website without any IT skills. Once that problem was solved, I created my site and never looked back.

A personal website helped me find a great job and connect with so many different people. It allowed me to be creative and think outside of the box. And most importantly, it allowed me to stand out in a crowd of applicants when applying for a job. If you ask me, there is absolutely no reason not to create a website.

What is your experience with creating a website and using it as a CV? Do you have a blog to use as a creative outlet? 

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Author: Nevena Jovanovic

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