Check Out These Online Tools to Improve Writing Skills

Check Out These Online Tools to Improve Writing Skills

English language being ‘Lingua Franca’ across the globe, the demand to hone one’s skill in this language is ever on increase.

But the problem with the second language writing is that it does not come easy at once. But with technology resolving every single problem today, here too with its handy solutions one can improve their writing skills.

The challenge most writers face is to string words together in a way which makes sense, sounds good and at the same time make the reader feel hooked to it. So the likely solution for this is to follow “practice makes a man perfect.” Take up the help of a technological tool and be different in your writing ability as it will sharpen your writing style and allow you to sequence words at the right place.

Suggested below are few writing tools which any individual be it a student or an aspiring writer can make use of to improve their writing skills at many levels.

Basic Level Writing Tools

Word Counter

An excellent that for those students who always have a doubt in mind that they may be overusing words in a text. In that case, the tool highlights those words that have been used maximum time in the text and avoid overusing them.


It is a readability tool helps students improve their writing skills as it points out important areas such as- hidden and passive verbs, overuse of adverbs and glue words, repetitive sentences, redundancies etc. With a comprehensive analysis of the full text, writers are bound to figure out their mistakes and avoid making such errors the next time they pen down something.


It is a comprehensive writing guide, containing free interactive writing activities which is aimed at middle and high school students. it contains features such as grammar checker, a two-player writing challenge and a sentence shuffler to help students improve their writing skills.


This writing tool helps students engage in framing meaningful sentences and assist students to accomplish a variety of goals which include right from organizing their thoughts to learning about language without compromising the fun element in learning a different language.


It is a great tool to check your writing’s readability and simplify complicated sentences in the content for better communication. Good rhythmic contents are appreciated by readers as they convey the message loud and clear.

Thus, after knowing the top five basic writing tools that helps to improve the writing style of students, let’s now take a tour of some of the professional essay writing tools. Making use of these tools will help the graduate students to sharpen their writing skills and benefit out of a well-structured content.

High Level Professional Writing Tools

Guide To writing A Basic Essay

It is a website that will help students to deal with anomaly of sentence structure. In this site, one will get a list of useful links/resources which will guide the students in structuring a basic essay as per the type of project they are working on. In addition, the site also consists of grammar and style resources that will help the students get an understanding of better writing style.

This tool has a cumulative writing solution which if referred will help one acquire a productive feedback on the paper. Through this site, one can even share their own work and create an online writing portfolio of their own.

How to Write An Essay

It is a detailed guide on writing essays effectively by pinpointing the common troubles the students encounter in their day today life. The site also contains resources like lessons on research, proposal, planning, compiling notes, writing and tips to finish an essay effectively.

The Easy Essay

It is an automated tool that assists students in organizing the process of writing essays. It is a handy tool for students at all levels. The other special beneficial benefit of this tool is its translator feature which works well with any language.

Daily Writing tips

This tool is a one stop solution for students looking forward to sharpen their writing skills. It publishes daily articles that is focused on spelling, grammar, vocabulary usage and other important aspects of writing. By referring this site, students can find a complete control to handle academic assignments easily.

Last but not the least a recent one I covered was Slick to check you grammar while writing.

Hope with the above-mentioned list of writing tools, students can tighten their writing skills and create an error free content. Please let us know if you have used some other writing tools that is not mentioned in the above list by naming it in the comment box below.

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