Blended Learning Benefits for Corporate Training

Blended Learning Benefits for Corporate Training

Blended Learning is a natural development to the growing accessibility of e-learning, online resources and the continued need for a human component in the learning experience. 

A blended learning approach ensures that the learner is engaged and driving his/her individual learning experience”.

Such approach to learning is helpful in providing individual needs of the learners as each individual possess a distinctive learning experience. It is a more natural way to learn and simultaneously work at the same time to make the maximum utilization of what they have learned in practical field too.

More and more companies are fast adopting this form of learning over traditional learning ways because it offers cost saving benefit and empowers the employees to improve their job performance which is the core objective of any training sessions.

Flipping the classroom is a form of blended learning which is a form of blended learning where students is first exposed to important material outside of class. And flipped classroom is supporting corporate training is better explained in the video below.

Blended Learning benefits for Corporate Training

Blended learning is a useful tool for corporate training as it the perfect blend of online and on the job learning experience. And to know what the secret of organizations when they plan for a great learning and development initiative through blended learning, take a look at the videos below.

Video: What's the secret to great learning and development initiatives? from AHRI on Vimeo.

1. Cost-friendly Approach - it saves the cost of the companies to a considerable extent as it provides reduced training costs in the form of less facilitator fees, less classroom expenses and reduced travel and accommodation expenses.

2. Bringing Two World Together - It is one of the best benefits of blended learning as this approach brings the best of both the worlds that is offline and online learning space. Besides it also allows the employees to derive a learning space at their own pace thereby backing their motivation and engagement levels at all time. It is the online and offline face to face interaction that helps to foster critical thinking skills in employees. Hence, it is because digital and real world learning comes together that employees find guidance and are able to learn effectively with the help of this new approach.

3. Trainee’s Command over Individual learning - Employees are allowed to read the materials at their own pace. Whenever they need, they can even access the contents online at their ease in their mobile or laptop and finding endless resources as and when they wish to refer them. And when traditional face-to face interaction is used offline it gives them the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice in real world.

4. Cost Effective Solution - As already mentioned, in blended learning approach the best of both the world are brought together. Here in this approach, learners no longer have to think about deriving best content and training facility at high price. When course material is available online, the travel time of students is saved as they do not need to travel to their training institute always for the course material. Corporates can also make use of some free educational technologies to train their employees and this would again imply reduced cost on the part of the organization.

5. Allows Greater Retention - Multimedia and offline interaction help learners’ grasp concepts much better due to rich learning experience and repeat of concepts. Practice activities, feedback from trainers and comments from trainees make the learning environment absorbing and engaging. And with good retain-ability, students are able to apply the knowledge in practical life situations.

6.  Enhanced Communication Skills - Students become a member of a community both virtual and real where they can provide their feedback and also respond to other feedback too. This helps them improve their interaction level with other employees. In addition, during the course of training they will learn to use various kind of educational technologies. They can later use such experience of using modern technology at work say while they have to video conference or conduct an online meeting with clients or with other officials.

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