Free Games for Classroom Engagement

Free Games for Classroom Engagement

Games are no more outdoor activity in schools and have slowly become a part of the classroom learning process.

It did not take much of a time for the educators to realize that learning can also turn out to be fun and entertaining if educational games are introduced into the classrooms. These games not only energize a student but it with it they can also help a student get immersed into it and grab learning concepts fast. To understand it better, check out the video below that shows how playing digital game, students of Independent High School are able to understand concept of physics better.


Free Games for Kindergarten Students

1.      Counting in the kitchen

It is a free preschool math game which helps kids to easily identify quantities as fast as possible to serve hungry customers. So as kids pick out burger piles, they get a chance to practice counting number names along with their corresponding quantities- a key to early math skills.

2.      School Bus Spelling Game

By playing this game, students learn the art of spellings simple three-letter words. Here students work on letter sounds and spelling words right from the scratch.

3.      2D and 3D Shape Sort: Factory

It is a game playing which, students can learn the geometrical 3D shapes such as cubes, pyramids and cylinders and 2D shapes such as squares, triangles and circles.

For more of such free educational games for kindergarten standard click here

Free Educational Gaming Websites

1.      MangaHigh

It is a site, through which students play math to start loving it as the site captures students imagination with its unique Math games.

In this site all kind of math games from shapes to algebra to measures to probability, teachers can pick up as per learning target to help student grab the essential math skills.

2.      BrainPop

It is an excellent gaming site to teach a variety of subjects to students. There are regular games in this site and along with it, there are also game meant for K-3 BrainPop Jr and BrainPop Games for ELL. Students can make use of this site to create, construct and collaborate to explore the world. They have an extensive learning resource that supports the core and supplemental subjects by reaching millions of learners across the world.

3.      National Geographic Kids

It hosts over 100 fun, engaging and interactive science, action, adventure, geography, quiz and puzzle games for students to thoroughly enjoy them and learn alongside. It has by far developed some of the most remarkable games for students till now and will continue to do so in future as well.

4.      KnowledgeAdventure

It is a free educational gaming tool for kids which offer a perfect combination of fun and learning. By using this tool kids can sharpen their reading skills and simultaneously improve their vocabulary.  It also helps the younger students to build confidence which is an essential component of a child’s success. As the games in this site are divided into groups, therefore teachers can easily pick the requisite learning game for the students based on their grade.

5.      Funbrain

This site has entertaining educational game for kids in grade K-8. They can play these games on their smartphone, a tablet or the web. By playing these interactive games, students can develop skills such as problem solving, reading and math. In addition, students can make use of the wide comic as well as popular books that come for free on the site.

6.      Arcademic Skill Builders

This site hosts free online educational video games which students can make use of to offer a powerful approach to learning basic math, language arts, thinking skills and vocubulary. The videos in this site often challenges the students to improve their scores through repetitive, timed learning drills that provide immediate feedback.

7.      PBS Kids Games

It is a site where teachers can create curriculum based entertainment. It hosts a number of browser based gaming experiences related to popular literacy and media franchises. The games in this site are arranged based on different subjects such as math, science, reading, healthy habits and others. By playing games in this site, students can acquire the skills of team work that is an essential component of personal as well as professional life.

To conclude, now that you have the names of free gaming tool at your disposal, we would recommend you to make of use of them in your classroom so that you can keep your students engaged into learning. However, you have to select the game after reading each description on the game mentioned above and then select one that serves your goal.

If you wish to share any game that we have missed in the list please feel free to comment.

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