Android and iPad Apps for Multiple Intelligences

Android and iPad Apps for Multiple Intelligences

The theory of Multiple Intelligence as coined by well-known cognitive scientist Howard Gardener is a glorified theory ever since its inception.

He had stressed in this theory that, “Intelligence is an ability to solve problems or to create products that are valued within one or more cultural settings.” As per this theory, human being possess multiple intelligences namely- musical, visual, verbal, logical, bodily, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and existential in varying proportions.  Now, they can be fostered or strengthened, simply ignored or weakened. Through the help of multiple intelligence inventory, the strongest intelligence in a person can be easily determined and nurtured for a better future of the individual.

Taking into consideration, the present day educational goal, it aims to not only nurture the innate intelligences and potentials of any students but also help the learner channelize them for best use. Hence, let’s take a look at some of Android based and iPad applications that offer a platform for the students as well as their instructors to develop multiple intelligences in the learner. This will help the learner to not only grow as a future ready individual but incorporate the multiple intelligences as per need of the situations.

Some Android Apps for Multiple Intelligence

Individual Android Apps developed based on the line of different intelligence help users to foster various intelligences skills. So, let’s see how these Android apps will help users strengthen their intelligences.

1.      LiveBoard Visual Collaboration is a modern day interactive whiteboard to help shape visual collaboration ability of students. The amazing part of this application is that, users can work, teach, draw, sketch, brainstorm, socialize and share things remotely with the help of this collaboration platform. So using this application, no matter wherever the users are located, they can still make real time collaboration more enjoyable and productive.

2.      In order to foster reasoning intelligence of students, use of Android App like Pocket Aptitude caters to the quantitative aptitude power of students. It is one of the most popularly used App in India used by students to sharpen their logical reasoning power that helps them crack competitive exams, banking exams, and other esteemed entrance test of various institutions.

3.       Interpersonal Skills 2400 Note is an App that helps in strengthening communication as well interpersonal skills of students. Every students possess the interpersonal intelligence within them and so once nurtured properly, it strengthens the ability in students to exchange information between two or more people adequately.

4.      For music teachers whose motive is not only to teach music but along with it nurture musical intelligence power in students, Android Apps Flashnote Derby , Piano Teacher, Drum Set and many more are great tools of utility. The use of these Apps will make the music class engaging and worthwhile for the students to learn music with great interest.

Some iPad Apps for Multiple Intelligence

Apple has developed some of the brilliant Apps which to a large extent caters to all different intelligences of human being. So let check out some of these iPad Apps in brief.

1.      Visual & Aural Intelligence- In order to nurture these two intelligence power of users, Apple designed interactive whiteboard Apps such as Showme and Educreations.

2.      Naturalistic study style intelligence- every learner has unique style to study and therefore to cater to such needs of the students and naturally develop their study style to its fullest potential, they can use Apps like Popplet which helps students make a mindmap, Dragon Dictation to record notes, miniTeach to make flashcards, Skype to consult with experts and Algebra Touch to develop equation skills.

3.      Intrapersonal+Linguistic+ Visual+ Aural+ Bodily-Kinesthetic skills- an all-in-one iPad App called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore can be really beneficial for learners as it touches almost 5 intelligences of human being.

Do not forget to share your comment on the above mentioned iPad and Android Apps for multiple intelligence in the comment box below. Also, if we have missed out any tool of importance related to the same topic, please feel free to name them.

Android and iPad Apps for Multiple Intelligences

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