OpenEd: Standards Aligned K-12 resources, Explored Yet?

OpenEd: Standards aligned K-12 resources, Explored Yet?

With an increasing demand on including web and other digital application in the education sphere, here comes in hand an extremely resourceful web based reference for the students and teachers to make use of extensively.

And in case, you have not explored it yet, we had like to talk in detail about the product to help you get acquainted with this resource.

OpenEd is perhaps the only K-12 educational resource library that is designed with an aim to align resources to learning objectives as per classroom assessment. Its online collection of K-12 common core aligned assessments supports instructional materials and with its dashboard, the teachers can easily peruse OpenEd’s online library for content to assign their students and use the same dashboard to also keep a track of student’s progress.

The resources provide full assistance to blended learning programs and help in connecting assessment to instructional material. You can find some of the most important blending learning programs here in this website by connecting assessment to instruction. And the best part of this product is, you can use the product free of cost except for the premium content available from other companies.

Specialty of OpenEd Resources

You can find some of the outstanding assessment, instruction and evaluation contents in the site that are attached to a hand-picked of learning objectives. And the paid premium assessment contents which you will get in the site are from companies like Pearson, Houghton Mifflin, Harcourt and other leading educational publishers.

Users can take full benefit of machine learning that perfectly aligns with the videos, games and assessments to learning goals such as-

  1.       Common Core State Standards
  2.       NGSS
  3.       TEKS &
  4.       Detailed Taxonomies of fine-grained learning objectives

Hence, teachers can find their perfect pick (resources) for their students in one place organized as per standards.

Uniqueness of OpenEd Assessment & Analytics

Assessment resources available in this website has an edge to it as teachers can make use of the perfectly aligned resources with their prebuilt assessments. And when students face formative quiz, they are suggested by OpenEd to go through the right resource- say viewing the right video or playing the right game to gain mastery.

It offers Universal Personalized learning for each student for the first time. Thus, in the process it’s not simply the students who are benefiting out of it but the teachers too are benefitting. With personalized education teachers are able to save a considerable amount of their time by using the automatic grading feature of the website and assign resources as per student in OpenEd that turns out unique, quick and helpful for the teachers in return.

This site is again perhaps the only resource platform where teachers can find the associated instructional resources for all their assessment items.

How to Begin Working In OpenEd?

Teachers normally begin with browsing the library of OpenEd which contains an extensive resource of over 1 million. The search process is easy as one can begin search of individual lessons by filtering standards, keywords, grade level or other attributes. Or teachers could also begin selecting a playlist of lessons from other teachers too, maybe modify those playlist if required or simply create their own.

In order to check out visually how to begin working in this website, please refer to the video provided below.

In order to plan the lesson in this website, teachers can start by using the option available in the site known as OpenEd lesson planner. They then assign lessons to all their students or for a section of the students who require different material. The site recommends the accurate resource for each topic in the course helping the teacher further to assign the perfect resource as per the assessment.

So, are you eager to explore this website? Do catch it up soon as it is indeed one of the most helpful resource for educators and students. And if you have already used the site before, do not forget to leave your view on the site in the comment box below.

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