YouTube Channels for ESL Learners

YouTube Channels for ESL Learners

YouTube isn’t limited to all the funny videos and video songs we keep streaming.

A lot of learning can happen on this platform if you intend to. But you can get confused as what to watch so this list of channels is for all the ESL Learners.

The enlisted channels will help you with your English learning needs. Check the list out!

1. JenniferESL

Learning from Jennifer is similar to learning from the old school caring teacher we all have had at some point of time. Geared more toward beginning students, Jennifer’s videos cover a wide variety of topics and include colorful slides and graphics to assist with learning. Concept playlists and amazing explanatory videos are a plus point of this channel.

2. Simple English Videos

This channel will help you with dedicated videos and also you can enjoy learning with the fun people leading you. The channel showcases dome amazing concepts highlighting the difference between American and British English and other topics under the subject.

3. Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons

Pronunciation, accent and other important aspects. They have got it all covered on this one channel. The best part about the channel is that they teach you English while helping you with other things as well. For instance they showcase videos on how to stop negative thinking. With such videos you not only learn English but also help yourself in other aspects.  This India-based channel focuses on accent training, correct grammar usage, idioms, phrases and vocabulary. With practical tips and clear instruction, these videos are a great resource for learners from any country.

4. Learn English ESL

Highlights are word meanings and usage in multiple ways, playlists on special English-Locution. The channel addresses some important topics such as economics and social issues that can help you raise your knowledge as well as work on English.

5. JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)

Learn vocabulary, grammar, speaking and other essential skills if the language with James and his amazing learning content.

6. Speak English With Misterduncan

Misterduncan is an English teacher who has been creating video tutorials and instructional clips to help learners from all around the world learn English. He is one funny man and learning with him is an experience.

7. Speak English with Steve Ford

This channel is rich in content. Whether you’re prepping for the TOEFL, studying business English, or improving your conversation skills, Steve Ford’s engaging videos will help you reach your goals.

8. ESL Basics

With mini-lessons on vocabulary, idioms, and phrasal verbs, this channel is perfect for learning vocabulary quickly.

9. Go Natural English

And this channel will make you a pro to understand what those native speaks. The channel emphasis on the native speakers so you get to learn from the naturals. Improve English fluency, read faster and learn it to the extent that it comes to you naturally.

10. EnglishLessons4U – Learn English With Ronnie  

Get access to English lessons on grammar, pronunciation, grammar, spelling and more. Interesting videos on this channel are the ones that talk about confused words and the missed situations. 

So listen the song later and hit one of the channels mentioned above.

Share your experience with us in the comment section below. Also, mention if you follow any other such channel on YouTube.

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