Top Phonic Apps and Tools You Must Consider

Top Phonic Apps and Tools You Must Consider

Before teaching the elementary learners to start reading, it is important to first master phonics as it is the preliminary step to reading.

It is a vital building blocks of reading and reader first need to learn the letter sounds and how to decode words so as to become a fluent reader.

So if you wish to help young children learn the relationship between the letters of written language and that of sounds of spoken language, you got to take a look at the list of phonic apps and tools that help children gain a strong foundation into reading.

AlphaTots Alphabet

It is an excellent tool to help children learn what alphabets are and how they sound. Here in this App, children are greeted with alphabet song that are played softly and pleasantly. Letter name are provided along with its sound and a suitable picture is provided to make it interactive as well as intuitive. The menu provides the users with the choice of both uppercase and lowercase letters and they get an option to select ABC order or random letters.

Oz Phonics

It is a bundle of Apps that is designed for the iPad users. It helps the beginning readers and students from non- English speaking backgrounds. This app has the printable worksheets that teachers can make maximum use of to assist the children to cope up with phonics. Games like word search and letter to sound matching available in this aid allows the kids to master the basic of phonics.

Interactive Alphabets

Young toddlers and preschoolers enjoy this app as it contains eye grabbing visuals that are clear as well as full of bright colors. In order to make a very good use of this educational App, the tiny toddlers and preschoolers can be encouraged to good listening and appropriate pacing which makes good use of the sounds.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

It is a classic alphabet book that has now been developed into an interactive book app mainly with an intent to help the pre-phonic pupils. It mainly has 3 different levels namely Read to Me, Read it Myself and Auto Play that allows young students to gradually advance their phonic skills. In addition, it has a very intuitive navigation which helps the toddlers to easily use the App.

Phonics Genius

It is an educational app that aims at assisting the early elementary students to learn letter sounds and blends. Here kids begin by selecting a letter or letter combination from the app’s home screen and then select whether they want the sound at the beginning, middle or right at the end of a word set.

Simple Spelling Phonics- Rhyming with CVC Words

It is a tool that assists in teaching children the art of rhyming, segmenting and blending of 300 letter consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words. Children by using this tool can build the phonemic awareness skills. The tool has a powerful combination of phonic lessons, spelling/word patterns and reverse phonics that are indeed an important components when teaching phonics to elementary students.

Kids ABC Letter Phonics

This educational App helps users in providing many phonic activities that help in keeping students engaged and make their learning more fun. Here in this application, kids get engaged by getting involved in four different activities that help them strengthen their skills in phonics.

To sum up, make sure that you do not just read on this list of phonic Apps and Tools but pick up any one out of the seven mentioned above and derive its benefits to the maximum extent. And in case, you have been already using a tool that we just missed out of our list and are really enjoying it, lets us know on it through your comments.

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