Games for Language Learning You will Enjoy!

Games for Language Learning You will Enjoy!

With globalization, learning two or more language has been in vogue.

And this is why we see many schools and institutions introducing second or third language in the curriculum. Apart from this, students today are also eager to learn new languages as they are exposed to the world of social media where they can communicate with friends across the international boundaries. So how do they learn different language in an interesting manner? Well, they can jolly well take the help of different language learning gaming applications available online.

The advantage of using games in the learning process is to help modern day students to learn new things and concepts in a pleasurable way. say in the case of language learning, through games the learners will no longer have to rote memorize the language but slowly acquire the necessary skills to master another language in an entertaining way. The euphoria involved in winning a game and the learning steps from failure in games is unique in its own way. And this is where students have to catch up such a benefit in learning a new language while playing a new game.

Game Apps for Learning Languages

1. FluentU

This language learning App helps students to bring language learning to life and allows learners to learn a language with real-world videos that can be either music videos, movie trailers, news or inspiring talks. The videos for foreign language have been adequately transcribed, subtitled and translated. By using this gaming application students can learn- Chinese, Spanish, French, English, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and few other languages.

In addition, they also provide with interactive captions which will help the learner simply tap on any word to check out image, its definition, audio or any other useful examples. And with the interactive transcripts in hand, learners get the flexibility to use native language content at an ease. To provide complete assistance in delivering personalized experience, the App keeps a close track of vocabulary that the learner is learning and based on it recommends the right videos and examples to the learner.

Application Availability- Android and iOS

2. Lingio

If the learners wish to learn language in a fun way, Lingio is another tool they must try it out. The students can start building their vocabulary quickly with the help of this tools best features. This application has beautifully combined gaming principles with social and educational values and this is exactly what users enjoy while using the tool.

By using this tool, students can learn language such as- English, Arabic, Farsi, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Swedish. And these languages are learned with the help of a variety of games, quizzes, tests and flashcards.

Application Availability- iOS & Android

3. Duolingo

Again, a very popular tool for language learning because of its fascinating game designs and attractive features to help users enjoy the games and learn the different languages easily. The students can make use of different speech, translations, spellings, visual queues and multiple choice to learn the language through an array of different games.

The gaming application not only allows the students to play a game but help them to stay in touch with their other friends while they are playing and learning a language of their choice.

Application Availability- iOS & Android

4. WordUp

Another, popular tool that makes language learning an easy task FlashSticks, Post-it Notes and FlashAcademy app. This game helps users build vocabulary in any foreign language and whether they are in the beginner level or in the advanced stage, the tool can trigger the requirement of the student at any stage. The tool can be used to sharpen skills in mastering different languages such as- Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Application Availability- iOS & Android

5. Babbel

This is a great tool to assist learners’ master the art of real life conversation skills. After using this tool, students can confidently speak languages like Indonesian, Danish, Russian, Spanish, German, French and many more other languages.

The unique characteristics of this language learning tool are- direct approach and ability to feature a variety of mediums. It allows the students to practice a new language multiple times until they become fully confident of speaking the language error-free.

Application Availability- Android & iOS

6. StudyCat

An App designed for the small kids that is built to engage, entertain and educate kids at the same time. By using this App, children will have fun learning English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish in a well-structured manner.

The specialty of this tool is that they allow the begginers to learn any language which they can use in their daily life, learn the useful grammar patterns of the language and catch-up vocabulary of the new language.

Application Availability- iOS & Android

7. Bravolol

It is a language learning gaming tool which helps users learn languages such as- Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Thai. Basically, users of this tool learn different languages through its spellings, pronunciation, visual recognitions and problem solving activities.

Students would love this tool because it offers a variety of content, each providing an aid to master the different languages at an ease and with perfection. Further, the easy to use interface of the application adds up to the popularity level of the application among the users.

Application Availability- Android and iOS

So which game would you recommend your students or child to master new languages?

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