Student Online Protection Videos You Must Watch

Students spend most of their time online and that’s no news anyway!

They are born in an era where they see technology as an integral part of life. But what is important to note is, we as parents and educators need to take close observance of what these students do on internet and how safe are they online?

Almost every other day we find reports of cyber bullying and cyber threats tarnishing the life of young adults and children. These reports do make all the elders worry about the security of the younger generation using internet. Also note, these days cyber criminals have become extra smart in victimizing innocent students through online games. Games like Blue Whale, the Pass-out Challenge, the Salt and Ice Challenge have already created a havoc.

So can you as a teacher or parent of a child stop the students from using internet?

No, as it would mean sheer foolishness; taking into consideration the immense potential of resources found online. Therefore, what is important is to take into consideration is, keeping in mind some essential tips related to network security or online protection measures that allow students to work in social platforms or acquire valid information in a safe environment.

Given below are list of videos that talk on online protection and how they taught to the students to protect themselves from cyber criminals.

1. Online Safety Tips: Talking to kids about Online Dangers

In the video below, Mrs. Alisa Rhodes speaks on how she actually teaches the child about the danger of online security and thereafter educates them to follow certain useful tips to stay secure online.

2. Tips to Stay Safe Online

In this Video below, we find some important tips offered by Max to check if students are surfing private sites, tips to avoid phishing attacks, how to secure important passwords and many more other valuable aspects.

3. Internet Safety Tips for Kids

In the video, we find some extremely important tips that will help students perform activities online securely and also help teachers and parents to allow kids surf internet without a second thought in mind.

4. Protect Your Child Online

In the Video below, we find an official from the NSWPolice talking about some essential tips that will help both the teachers and the parents to protect their children from malicious tricks of cyber criminals.

5. What One Needs to Do to Keep Kids Safe Online?

In the video below, we find Mr. Paul Davis talking about Social Networking Safety and how parents can ensure that their child is making use of the internet in a secured way.

Videos on Online Gaming Security Tips

1. Online Gaming Security Tips

In the video below we find young students sharing their experience on online games and how they keep themselves well-protected while playing those games. Hear it out!

2. Online Gaming Safety Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Socializing with unknown people is a part of online gaming and it may eventually turn up to be a threat for the kids. So in the video below, learn how to apply filters in the online game consoles to ensure security.

3. Online Gaming Safety with Dr. Maureen Griffin

Hear it from Dr. Maureen Griffin- the director of MGMS training limited, as to how should one secure their children when they are playing games online.

To conclude, please do view all the videos listed above as ‘prevention is always better than cure.’ The security of the students’ matters and its ‘We’ who as elders can guide them in this way.

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