Developing and Assessing Competencies

Developing and Assessing Competencies

Competency development should be the prime focus of education.

Though curriculum designers idealize these while making the curriculum, its validity is lost when it comes to assessment.  Assessment focus is primarily on knowledge building rather than competency.

It is important to build literary, numeracy and ethical knowledge among students. However, observing without acting will result in failure of the acquired knowledge.  Assessing the learnt becomes the prime objective of education. 

The prime concern with assessments is the time constraint and the limited number of assessments that could be incorporated within the set time frame.   This limitation can be overcome using technology. 

Competency in numeracy or spelling can be achieved only by exposing learners to multiple scenarios.  A classroom or textbook is a limited source for the same.  However, the world of spelling games or numeracy games can sort both aspect of time and interest in developing competencies at primary level.

About the Author
I work as Academic Coordinator at Nalanda Educational Institutions, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Worked in implementing Technology supportive curriculum in our organisation. Trainer and Curriculum designer for technology based Curriculum.

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