Apps To Boost Teachers' Professional Growth

Apps To Boost Teachers' Professional Growth

We can witness the professional growth when educators are being able to work without interruption and are aware of their tit-bits thoroughly.

It is evident when communication with parents, other educators, and administration is clear and transparent. When educators are updated with latest in their niche and are always abreast with new happenings. There are a lot of aspects to the professional growth and so breaking it down to the minimal is to put it as the effectiveness that an educator brings to the professional front by being efficient in all the operations that are carried by the educator.

Now to add a little more mobility to all that educators does, enlisted are few apps that would help educators with a lot of things to bring in the effectiveness and efficiency into their profession.

Check it out:

1. EduCreations

Educreations allows teachers to create how-to guides and interactive instructions, vocalizing and animating their thoughts by creating videos and live presentations. The app records audio and captures video from the images teachers upload or draw. This one function takes a lot of time of educators so having this one app on the phone can help you on the go. Teachers can create diagrams, tutorials, and demonstrations right from their phone, computer or tablet. Users can share videos in class, via email or social media. Teachers can save their creations and use them again in future lesson plans.

2. Classdojo

Class Dojo is a popular tool for tracking behavior of pupils in a classroom. It is like monitoring the whole class via your fingertips alone. It allows the teachers to reinforce good performance, positive attitude and discipline in a classroom. You can use this tool to encourage good behavior, acknowledge reforms or penalize bad attitude. It also authorizes the parents to keep a real-time track of their children’s performance and behavior. So basically it makes things easier for educators to track the behavioral patterns of students and update parents on the same.  

3. Lynda

It is one of the most popular video learning services. For educators who love to learn and up skill, we suggest you to have this app on your smart device so you can make the best of your phone. The best part is the videos on the platform are learning specific and mostly related to the web tools that all must know to lead in the coming times. For educators it is one great platform. You can watch videos on courses about WordPress, Powerpoint, Photoshop and more. 

4. TED

Feed your curiosity or just watch a video or two on days when you can’t look for motivation. TED talks are widely known for the inspiration they instill in everyone who watches them. This is one must have app on your device for days you need to look for motivation. Also, they have an extension named

TED-Ed focused on the education sector. Educators will find it very helpful in relation to the problems they face every day in the profession.

5. Feedly

This is one important tool for all those who are dedicated to the profession and are willing to learn & explore. This tool helps user in managing all the blogs that they wish to follow from one single dashboard. It is important to stay updated and be aware of all that is happening around in order to grow. Feedly is one place where you can manage all the blogs that you need to read. Just keep on adding the blogs and access them quickly from the feedly dashboard.     

6. Chegg

This is a book renting service but sadly is only accessible to iOS users. 

With this app teachers can easily rent the necessary textbooks from the comfort of the iPhone through this popular money-saving service.

7. GoTasks

A listing app is must for all educators as they are managing a lot of things at one. So this is my pick for you. GoTasks is a personalized to-do list that follows teachers wherever they go. They can keep track of all the tasks they need to complete with the touch of their finger. With this app you can easily organize and prioritize multiple lists at once. The best part is that the app sends teachers reminders when certain tasks are due. Teachers won’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple lesson plans, assignments and student evaluations. GoTasks syncs up with the other apps teachers use including Gmail, Google Docs and Google Scholar.

8. Dropbox

A cloud application is must to make sure you don’t lose any data of yours. Dropbox allows teachers to remain updated while on the go. It enables them to save their lesson plans, lectures and other assignments on a cloud-based hard drive. This means that students can access this hard drive through any computer. All you need is to create a folder on your desktop where you can drag and drop your latest files. From there, you can access the folder from anywhere at any time regardless of the device, i.e., via a desktop PC, tablet or smart phone.

9. GoogleKeep

Ideally this is a note taking service developed by Google. But utility of the tool is beyond that. The tool can help with making reminders, creating notes, sending feedbacks in many ways, saving websites as notes and much more. The best part is that the app works offline and the functions are synced across all the devices where you are using the tool.   

10. TeacherKit

TeacherKit provides a clean and easy way of keeping track of your students’ attendance, grades and behavior. In other words, it combines all the useful information about your student in one app, allows for easy information entry and provides quick summaries on students’ behavior and grades.

Well, these are the 10 tools I think would help educators in many aspects of their profession.

What is your pick? Which other tools do you use?

About the Author
Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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