ThingLink Launches in India Bringing Immersive Learning to Schools and Universities

ThingLink Launches in India Bringing Immersive Learning to Schools and Universities

ThingLink, an award-winning image/video annotation and immersive storytelling technology from Finland, partners with several Indian education technology distributors to bring virtual exploration and creation into the classroom.

After successfully growing an active community of educators in North America and Europe, ThingLink expands its operations to India. The first regional distribution partners are Cinet IT Solutions Pvt Ltd from Bhubhaneswar, ACE Ventura ServicesRobo FiB Academy and Shivasol Technologies from Pune, Destiny Planners from Nasik, and Medust Technology Pvt Ltd from Kolkata.

Through a growing network of regional partners, Thinglink will contribute to the Indian education system by: 
1. Increasing access to quality education by providing a freely accessible immersive learning environment for all teachers and students in India for science, language, and social studies. 
2. Fostering student innovation by bringing a transformative, student-centric approach to digital storytelling, allowing students to become builders and problem-solvers of local and global challenges. 
3. Introducing new ICT architecture by offering easy-to-use authoring tools and a scalable low-cost model to user-generated mobile virtual reality.

Schools and universities of any size can contact the regional distribution partners to get access to ThingLink’s technology that lets students practice 21st century learning skills through creating interactive images, videos and 360 documentaries of any curriculum-related topic.

Parimal Guha, ThingLink's head of business development in India says: "Indian schools believe immersive learning is the future of education. ThingLink will help them take the digital leap in a teacher-friendly way." An example of Indian schools using ThingLink is the Mercedes Benz International School.

During 2018, ThingLink will offer Indian educators an opportunity to participate in a dedicated leadership program on immersive learning. This program invites schools and universities to acquire pedagogic knowledge and practical skills while working with top educators from Finland and the United States. The leadership program is organized in collaboration with the National Agency of Education in Finland, featuring projects from several universities such as the University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, Clemson University, and Florida A&M University.

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