Launches a Smarter Chatbot for Teachers - Drastically Simplifying Teacher Improvement Launches a Smarter Chatbot for Teachers - Drastically Simplifying Teacher Improvement

The influx of teachers wanting to try the new generation of feedback tools have been overwhelming since Hubert the chatbot was made freely available to the public in late July 2017.

Working around the popular Start, Stop, Continue-methodology, Hubert effectively simplifies the teacher feedback process by allowing students and teachers to move away from boring surveys. Students simply engage in chat conversations and can discuss their perception of a course or a teacher with Hubert.

Once feedback is collected, the teacher can easily explore all comments in an automatically sorted view. All comments are arranged by category and consensus and can be further segmented by, for example, activity or property.

Following up the success in the first beta, the edtech startup have now released a new and drastically updated version of the popular chatbot.

Built on the basis of user feedback, new features include a more dynamic chat conversation that allows for a more personalized experience and a better comprehension of student input.

Huberts’ results view has been massively overhauled and now consists of a basic tab and an advanced tab where insights are explored far beyond simple word cloud analysis.

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