List of Chicago Based EdTech Startups Modernizing the Learning Process

Chicago is a prominent seat of educational innovation in the world. It’s therefore quite obvious that Chicago-based education technology companies bring forward tools and technology that not only help to redefine the operational activities of education system but take it to the next level of imagination.

These startups, are in a way a perfect role model to emulate or an energy booster for the entire education technology community across the world.

Gone are the days when education stakeholders thought it was tricky to bring technology to education. Now the concern is which other areas can technology be brought so that it can disrupt and enhance that area. Of course, there are still debate going on about too much of screens can be the cause of rising distractions. But, such propositions are neglected with valid justifications that make such contrary statements to tech being a distraction hostile.

Coming back to our central point of discussion, let’s see how Chicago based edtech start-ups are modernizing the learning process and at the same time extending learning outside classroom to assist lifelong learners take up new challenges and increase their employee skills.

Frontline Education- Education is actually an industry which consists of talented people. Having said so, it is not only the onus of the teachers to shoulder everything that’s required to create a successful learning environment. Thinking so, Frontline Education has innovated a tech solution which offers schools with the right kind of tools they need to properly run a school.

The tool developed by this startup helps in scheduling software, screening tools and insights into teacher and student performance. In fact, the company also helps schools in tackling challenges that come with the increased pace of changes brought on by technology.

Wyzant- One-to-one learning is essential and it must not be just confined in the classroom. Students may require adequate guidance from subject experts even when they are out of institution. Having sensed such requirement of learners, Wyzant through its tech innovation connects learners with tutors to help them receive the right guidance anywhere, anytime.

The app asks students certain question to figure out what kind of assistance they are in search of and then provides a list of experts who can help students receive extra help and dive deep into a topic of interest. From the App, students would also receive the complete detail of the experts and their scheduling so that students can find the right help at the right moment.

ThinkCERCA- Each student is different and so are their problems too in the learning process. This company acknowledges this vital facet of learners and therefore has innovated tech solution which offers personalized learning experience to students. Educators using this startup’s tool receive an aid through which they can develop personalized lesson plans that ensure students achieve more each year. The tool’s system is so prepared that it tracks student’s progress to ensure they are on the right path for success.

RedShelf- Managing copies of textbooks is a real pain and adding to it, are the cost of books and the weight to carry them daily to classes. But RedShelf has solved such pain of students by digitizing books.

This company has partnered with famous publishers of textbooks and are converting their copies into ebooks and magazines. They are thus encouraging youths to read books and resolved the issue of affordability and easy accessibility by digitizing good resource.

Classkick- Again in the line of personalized learning solution, the EdTech Company tracks students’ progress while they are in the learning process and guide them when they face challenges in the process. Teachers with this tool can personalize lessons by creating and customizing content as per student’s performance. The best part of this tool is that it helps teachers with formative assessment at anytime and anywhere.

It also helps in empowering student’s development because with it students demonstrate understanding in the ways that work best for them.

LearnCore- learning is a lifelong process and therefore it does not simply end at graduation. This startup helps companies to conduct professional training for sales and customer success team in cloud based platform. The platform helps in building knowledge and skills among employees and what they also receive as a bonus is the tracking of training’s ROI by checking the efficacy of training right from its bottom line.

LEAP Innovations- it’s a startup that assists schools to implement latest technology to boost student outcomes. For the EdTech companies, it serves as a perfect hub where they get a platform to pilot and scale their software so that they can work with educators to meet their needs.

Fletch- this EdTech startup has created a learner centered tool which gives students a perfect place to ask questions, build study groups with fellow classmates and keep up with correct advising and financial aid tasks.

It is also trying to resolve the issue of high rate of college dropouts by tracking students and alerting educators’ right at the first sign of an impending dropout.

Learnmetrics- This startup assists in turning raw data from students into actionable insights. Stakeholders can actually make use of the cumulative report that contains suggestions to work out and improve education outcomes. The evidences are created by the software by aggregating and analyzing the student’s data.

Instructure- Schools and colleges have unique technology needs such like, some wish to include document transfers, online testing and handing out grades. Keeping such needs of the institutions in mind, the startup has developed a tool that provides requirements all in one Canvas software. It offers easy engagement to enterprises with Bridge, and deliver quality corporate training option.

Have we missed out any other prominent Chicago based EdTech startup which with its innovative solution has become an exemplary company for other EdTech solution designers & makers? Do drop us your comment on the same to appreciate productive innovations and increase the horizon of imagination.

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