Magikbee Launches Primary School Edition of kiddZtube Academy at Bett 2018

Platform enables teachers to add quiz questions to YouTube videos and provides schools with infrastructure to manage video education

Edtech startup magikbee has launched the School Edition of kiddZtube Academy, a platform for teachers that enables them to create educational video-quizzes from YouTube content by augmenting, or adding in, pop-up questions to each video. The technology allows teachers to transform kids’ favourite video content into an educational tool and provides schools with infrastructure to manage video learning in the classroom and beyond.

Having launched the first edition of kiddZtube Academy aimed at early years teachers and students in November 2017, the magikbee team unveiled a version targeting primary schools at Bett 2018, the London edtech conference. New features include “custom” quizzes, offering teachers total flexibility in the questions they write and giving the tool utility across a range of school subjects - History, Science, Geography… and much more.

kiddZtube Academy is an online platform, available worldwide, and content chosen and created by teachers is delivered via the kiddZtube app which works across iOS, Android and Windows devices. On the platform, teachers layer educational quiz questions on top of a YouTube video of their choice. The quiz questions appear in a sequence at the end of each video watched by a student on the app, and data is collected by kiddZtube on each response, giving teachers a clear view of how kids perform on their quizzes.

The School Edition facilitates and encourages collaboration of teachers with the functionality of content sharing; any video used or edited by a teacher within a school is automatically accessible by other individuals in the same institution. Over time, schools using kiddZtube Academy will build their own personal library of video-quiz content as teachers create, use and share videos among themselves.

“As soon as we launched the early years edition of kiddZtube Academy, we saw there was an opportunity for older kids to benefit from the technology,” says Hugo Filipe Ribeiro, Co-Founder and CEO of magikbee. “So we’ve launched the School Edition to give primary teachers control and flexibility over video education - and of course to make learning that little bit funner for students.”

kiddZtube Academy

kiddZtube Academy is an interactive video learning tool that challenges students to think about what they watch and enables teachers to create and manage educationally valuable video content. Learn more and register online at

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Author: Max Hains
I write from magikbee, an edtech startup which has built a video learning tool that enables teachers to augment YouTube videos with educational quizzes.

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