Albert Learning – A Name to be Reckoned with in Foreign Language Learning

Albert Learning – A Name to be Reckoned with in Foreign Language Learning

‘Some Brands are born to create an impact and Albert Learning is one of them–for foreign language learning–Do you know why?’

As the world is heading towards a global mindset, and economies increasingly becoming international, the importance of learning a foreign language is gaining momentum. Language learning has more advantages, than simply accelerating individual career prospects. It also helps one become essentially more perceptive, decisive, and smart.

However, learning any new language fluently is easier said than done.

Do you know why?

The reason is, there are few affordable, quality training institutions which assist language learners to master any foreign language with proficiency. Which is why we find an array of language learning tools and apps in the market today.

However, can one rely on any institute/app available in the market?

What if by selecting the wrong institute/app money goes down the drain?

This is the reason, you should select Albert Learning, considered matchless for foreign language learning. Albert-Learning’s methodology of live, virtual, interactive language lessons–with teachers– are designed to help individuals become proficient in languages like French and Spanish among others. Albert-Learning aims to collaborate with schools and enterprises to teach foreign languages through quality teaching practices.

Overview of Albert Learning (What is Albert Learning?):

Albert Learning is a language learning behemoth in the industry.

It takes a superior approach in learning a new language and the main purpose of this institution is, to provide intuitive and quality foreign language lessons at an affordable price. Students can learn lessons with the help of teachers from around the world. These teachers are professional and have exceptional teaching abilities.

Albert Learning has a strong presence in over 25 countries across continents, with 50+ teachers, and over 900 students. Since 2014, the teachers have trained more than 8,000 students over 1.8 lakh sessions (which is about 90,000 hours!). In France, it is one of the top language teaching institutions, teaching students at the prestigious Lycée Leau in Marseille. Other notable clients around the world include University of Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Across age-groups (kids or adults) and language levels (beginner to advanced), Albert-Learning is meant for all, no matter where one is, students learn to strengthen all the aspects (written, spoken and listening) of a language. Moreover, the live video lessons are, interactive, and promote two-way communication between student and teacher.

To get a better idea of how the lessons at Albert Learning take place in schools or colleges, view this video:

USP of Albert-Learning:

Albert Learning ranks among the top 3 in France, in the language learning industry through their teaching technique and competency. Apart from that, other reasons are mentioned below-

  1. Improve students’ knowledge of languages as per their level through immersive lessons conducted by language experts.
  2. Unfailing attitude to maintain students’ satisfaction level from each course.
  3. Offering affordability without compromising quality.

Hear more on Albert learning’s distinctive quality from the Principal of Lycée Leau. The video is in French and here, the Principal is talking about the benefits of Albert Learning’s innovative technique for language learning.

Benefits of Albert-Learning:

  1. Teachers make sessions interesting by integrating quality teaching practices, evaluation and guidance to enhance retention rates.
  2. Allow students to learn at their own pace, to gain proficiency in writing, listening & speaking skills. Courses are designed to be conducted either one-on-one or with a group of up to 5 students.
  3. Professional assessments are conducted by teachers at regular intervals to guide and assess students’ progress.
  4. Students learn a new language in their comfort zone and at any time without having to attend a physical classroom. The courses in AlbertLearning are designed to offer on-the-go lessons keeping in mind a student’s convenience and learning curve.

Albert-Learning gives a unique leverage, a new user can visit and book a free trial lesson, conducted by one of their expert teachers. An evaluation test, based on CEFR (European Standard) methodology, provides the student with a suitable level.

As a school, you can request a demo here.

For more details, visit their website, and contact their customer service executives via online chat, available on the website.

‘Quality’ matters a lot in learning and ‘quality’ is synonymous with Albert Learning, book a lesson now!

Become a global language student with impeccable skills. Book your free trial by visiting

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