French EdTech Startup Klassroom Launches a New App Winning 600 School’s Attention

French EdTech Startup Klassroom Launches a New App Winning 600 School’s Attention

Both parents and teachers play a significant part in raising a child.

For a long time, both the groups that is the parents and teachers were largely disjoint and met occasionally for a PTA meeting and which would not be a long face-to-face interaction between the two groups. Thus, it did not help both the groups to exchange a semester full of information. Also, parent participation in schooling, parent-teacher conferences can be really stressful for teachers in a competitive society. But collaboration and interaction between the two groups is important not to say for the child’s development.

Much about it was thought and with the inroad of technology in education, a meaningful solution was designed by EdTech solution makers for education stakeholders to mitigate this issue. One such emerging tool in this line is Klassroom available in web and mobile application. It is reinventing the way teachers and parents communicate about children and their activities today. Although the Startup is a new entrant in the EdTech industry, yet it has well-managed to receive instant recognition because it could deliver a safer, instant and efficient platform to the two groups to discuss and communicate with each other.

Key facets to Consider about the Product

  1. Klassroom App received 20 times increase in demand in just a year
  2. It launched its product back in 2016 and has already captured attention of 600 schools
  3. The product has been selected by Station F and its experts which implies there will be further stimulation in the creativity side of the Apps operation.

This application was developed by two founders- Damien Rottemberg and Frank David Cohen who are both parent of Kindergarten children. They had built this product out of their personal observation and their main intent behind this product development was to modernize and improve the relationship between parents and teachers.

Positive Feedback of Parents & Teachers on the Tool

As far as parents are concerned, they feel Klassroom App is revolutionary as it can be used anywhere, anytime while at work or when at home. The concern that parents have regarding their kid’s learning activities or one that’s related to their overall wellbeing can be easily discussed with the teachers unhesitatingly. It also offers a great deal of comfort and satisfaction to the parents related to their child’s school life as it gives complete school information in one place.

Similar is the experience of the teachers using this tool. They too are extremely delighted to use this tool as it gives them the ease and comfort to report parents on their child’s learning progress, their everyday life and classroom information instantly. This report process can be done either by addressing all parents in the classroom or individually. In addition, teachers no longer need to use communication notepads to send kids home with documents or to send them lost emails to parents. To know more on the positive experience of a teacher, watch the video below.

Distinctive Features of the Tool

Klassroom App offers some extremely critical characteristics which makes the product a worthy tool and distinctive in the market as well.

  1. Quick communication option allows the parents and teachers to stay informed in real time through mobile push notifications.
  2. Efficient platform which helps both the groups, i.e, the teachers and parents save time and stay better involved in the children’s school life.
  3. Even though it is a social platform yet it does give much relevance to privacy. It is because of this that parents and teachers do not see their respective phone numbers and emails.
  4. Because it also works as a social platform, so parents are allowed to comment and communicate with other parents within the class in this platform.
  5. Secure class access through double authentication mechanism to join a class
  6. A multimedia that allows users to share picture, videos, audio messages, events, locations and documents easily with the help of this platform.

Thus, it makes one understand why the product is a high rated tool, creating a wave in the EdTech world. It’s the features and the ease of communication that compels institutions to deploy the tool for convenient and efficient work flow.

So are the next one to use this tool for teacher and parent communication? Wait a minute, are you already a user of this tool? If it is so, please do not forget to write to us about your personal experience using the tool. Your practical experience will help readers know more about the tool.

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