British Council Launches the All New Free IELTS Preparation App

British Council Launches the All New Free IELTS Preparation App

Mastering communication skills in the present time is importance not to say for the success of an individual’s career.

No doubt, we are in constant communication process in our day today life but how one does it, counts. It is so because, in the case of communication, it is more than just pronunciation, intonation or articulation. It involves something more to it, such that includes in it, discourse and interaction that deepens thinking to help students internalize and process content be it in academics or workplace.

For the young and talented individuals, getting an easy global migration or seeking an admission in one of the reputed higher education institute of developed countries is only possible when they clear the world’s most popular English language proficiency test- called IELTS. This test is not tough to say, until students have mastered English skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. The evaluation step is stringent because it is designed to review an individual’s ability to use the language at study, at work or in day to day activity of an individual.

In this regards, one has a better chance to hone their English language skills to enhance their communication ability with two new improved free tools launched by the British Council. As per a statement that was issued by the British Council, this IELTS App ‘focuses on offering adequate guidance for listening and speaking tests along with modules on vocabulary and grammar with special emphasis on IELTS tests tips. As it is an interactive mobile application, so it helps students understand IELTS course with better insight.

Both Android and iOS users can avail the benefit of this application. At the launch of the App, Michael King, Director- Exams said, “We have launched the IELTS Prep app with an aim to provide an authentic source that is handy, easily accessible through mobile handsets and able to deliver high quality content. The IELTS prep app is an interactive platform for the modern age.”

Besides being portable, there are other key features of the Application which in turn makes it a distinctive tool and a must-have App for IELTS test preparation. So take a look at those features-

  1.       Detailed explanation on common grammar rules along with practice exercises.
  2.       All-inclusive overview of the IELTS Speaking and Listening Tests
  3.       Listening and speaking practice tests
  4.       IELTS speaking interview videos.
  5.       Resourceful tips for IELTS test
  6.       Explanation on assessment criteria
  7.       Quiz to test knowledge of the students related to IELTS test format
  8.       Applicable information on IELTS related topics

With these free Apps by British Council, IELTS aspirants will be exposed to friendly methods of interpreting, writing, communicating and perceiving English language. Therefore, from this angle, the App is also a useful tool to strengthen the overall communication power of any students not just to crack the IELTS exam but one that can be a strength for one’s personal growth.

Good communication is a core skill of the 21’st century and English being a globally accepted language to communicate, having a good skill in English language communication will always be a bonus. Also with good communication, students attain a transparency level skills in areas such as problem solving, creativity, analytic thinking, collaboration, communication, ethics, action and accountability. This is the reason, developing and underdeveloped countries are laying emphasis on strengthening English communication skills among students so that global standards of education can be attained.

Coming to IELTS exam prep, the good thing about this exam is that, it is usually set in defined format and does not alter this format regularly unless there is a dire need to do so. Now, with the launch of the two free portable applications by British Council, understanding the exam format would get easier for the candidates. These candidates will not only receive full guidance from experts of IELTS exams but with it, will also get an opportunity to have the written and spoken English assessed by co-learners.

So this brings us to the end of this piece and we cannot but leave you without asking this important question that is, ‘Are you ready to download this App?’ If you have made your mind to do so, please follow the link provided below-

For Android Users:

For iOS users:

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