Glocal University Partners with Millionlights to Create the Centre of Excellence

Glocal University Partners with Millionlights to Create the Centre of Excellence

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 7th February 2018 between Glocal University and Millionlights.

Under this collaboration, Glocal University and Millionlights will be creating a Centre of Excellence for skill development programmes offered at Glocal University Campus followed by placement support.

The course will be developed with the objective of providing students with a structured learning path to Azure Basics, Data Science and Big Data, Glocal University has collaborated with Millionlights to launch the “Centre of Excellence Program” in Data Science and Big Data Engineering. This program consists of some of the best courses in Data Science and Cloud by Microsoft. The courses have been chosen to drive 21st century skills and will provide students with an industry-oriented skill based training with a unique “hybrid” onsite and online learning experience.

On interacting with the team involved, we got to know how this Centre of Excellence model works.

Under the Centre of Excellence model, skill and knowledge-based course contents and labs shall be offered to Glocal University’s students, both online and offline. The objective of the course is to improve the students’ employability and make them job ready.

Talking about the role of Millionlights in the collaboration, Akshat Shrivastava, CEO of Millionlights says “We have developed a customized educational technology platform for authoring, delivering and tracking digital content for learning to students of the university.”

Millionlights will undertake a pre-assessment test of the enrolled students of Glocal University. Based on the results of this pre-assessment test, Millionlights will be able to map the students’ current ability and assess their skills.

Understanding that every student is unique and has different requirements, Millionlights will customise relevant online courses based on the specific needs of every student.

After the successful completion of the course, Millionlights will offer Microsoft certificates to the students of the university.

Some of the unique features of the program provided by Millionlights include:

  1.   It is an industry oriented learning mechanism that will help students bridge the gap between the academic curriculum and the corporate world.
  2.   A Digital Courseware / E-Kit shall be provided to every enrolled student.
  3.   An on-site facilitator will be there to guide the students in case of any course related queries.
  4.   Free webinars will be conducted on the OTT mobile app, by renowned speakers on latest technology trends.
  5.   Placement support shall be extended to the students who have successfully completed the assigned learning path.

Talking about the collaboration, Dr. Amjad Husain, Director-Glocal University says, “We at Glocal University understand the importance of opportunities created by digital disruption, and this is the time when students need to get smarter about hardware and software innovation in order to get the most value from the emerging technologies like IOT and Artificial intelligence. We can get incrementally near to that with specific training like the one Millionlights would be providing to our students. This is the same reason we have joined hands with Millionlights to offer these courses to our students”.

This online and onsite program provides a pack of extremely thorough education for aspirants looking forward to build a career in Data Science and Big Data along with relevant practical experience and job opportunities. This program will prove to be beneficial for anyone who wants to grow in his career with the right kind of knowledge and skills.

The Millionlights' Centre of Excellence will train and skill upwards of 25000 students from Glocal University in the next 4 years.

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