How is Dubai-Based TeachMeNow Creating a Wave in the World of Education?

How is Dubai-Based TeachMeNow Creating a Wave in the World of Education?

Technology that works for everyone and facilitates with quality services is bound to create a disruption in the market and TeachMeNow is one such EdTech Tool. Why is so, you have got to know it all!

When we talk of the Mena countries, such like Dubai, what comes to our mind immediately is their economic prosperity, and the number of businesses setting up in this region. But, what’s equally impressive and incredible about this region is the diversity of industries in which they are working in.

Coming to the education industry, they have a clear cut logic and that being to strengthen the sector. So, techies of this nation are focusing on to developing innovative EdTech solutions which help them to fulfill the standards of 21’st century education and empower new generation with quality education. TeachMeNow is one such global product developed by Dubai based start-up to connect students/parents to tutors from across the world online. Through this web portal, millions of students are getting an easy access to personalized and quality education.

What Makes TeachMeNow a Standalone EdTech Tool?

TeachMeNow is a tool that is breaking the barriers of traditional learning. It is a one stop solution and an answer to the impending needs of the high school students and parents. The site is making knowledge transfer easy, transparent, simple and an enjoyable altogether. So basically whatever the learners want to learn say for their exams, mastering a new language maybe or for advancing in their career, they can unleash learning at its best with the help of live online tutors, experts and mentors.

This tool enables students to go for live collaboration with the tutors say either through video chat, interactive word, Power Point, Excel or any other medium. And, what’s best for the students or their parents is that, service charges are not in exorbitant. Rates are normally fixed on an hourly basis and in case of any technical glitches or network issue encountered in between the live sessions, charged are deducted for the lost time.

It is a platform for one and all, so daily there are thousands of users daily from around the world who come to this site to take up online classes online for different needs. It is in a way fostering global connections with the help of online education. Millions of students engage with best tutors from around the world and gather best learning experiences at nominal charges and without having to travel places.

Students can sit down at their comfort zone access a plethora of educational content, in videos format, books, lectures, journal articles in this web portal. All the lessons are systematically saved for the students to refer them at one’s convenience, taking full care of the different time zones. And most importantly, the site is developed in a way that, special children (Dyslexic students/ blind children) will face no inconvenience accessing the educational services.

Speaking about the class services offered by this site, the Managing Director of TeachMeNow- Thea Myhrvold said, “As a female entrepreneur, I felt it was important to create positive stories for and from the Middle East. That’s why I came back to the UAE to start TeachMeNow. The first class using our technology had a Venezuelan teaching Spanish to a Saudi student. Now, we empower tens of thousands of teachers, entrepreneurs, schools, institutions to reach students all over the world.”

Thus, any student or parent who is keen to explore this platform, should waste no time and simply move on to the registration step by logging on to Since, it attracting millions of students to register to this site, it definitely holds much worth and it’s time to unleash it in and out to derive quality education with the help of this web portal.

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