Skill Space Companies to Watch Out For in 2018

EdTech Startups That Are Solving The Skills Gap

There is a disruption in the job market right now and it is rather interesting to see how in the gig economy, the flux is turning up things flip flop.

At such a situation, what perhaps may draw your attention even more is how the potential of education technology is not only improving education but eventually also working up on addressing skill gaps for better future.

One of the reasons for a skill gap is that, there is a huge mismatch between jobs that are available and the skills that are being taught in schools. Entrepreneurs can best position themselves to solve mismatches in the marketplace and believe in making good investments. Edtech start-ups are focusing upon building skills that help people get hired: validating skills among employers and get trained to reach the next step in their careers.

betterU - It is creating an ecosystem that bridges the gap between education and jobs by providing the tools necessary to prepare prospective learners for the jobs they want and better their lives.

Upswing - this platform helps colleges offer student support services such like - tutoring, mentoring and advising to both nontraditional and online students. Basically, the platform uses data science to help the colleges see a leap in student success and stem dropout rates. It is also a tool which aims at improving student success at college.

Better Weekdays - It is one-on-one tool which assists colleges and universities to enhance and measure job placement outcomes of its fresh graduates. This edtech startup assists in matching up college students with personalized career pathways and significantly reduce corporate recruiting costs.

Velpic – It is an innovative cloud based eLearning platform for the businesses. It takes an advanced approach to impart corporate training and induction to workforce. With this tool, one can easily create, assign, deliver and report activities. The tool is an out an out solution for businesses as it gives back immense improvement to the way workforce training is executed by the companies.

UpGrad- One of the finest educational technology ventures which is trying to plug the gaps in India’s education system. Its USP is that, it provides industry relevant programs such like- entrepreneurship, digital marketing, data analytics and product management courses that are all conducted by the best of faculties.

Avagmah - Avagmah is one of the fastest growing online education technology service provider in India helping universities, institutions and distance education providers make higher education more inclusive by reaching out to a broader audience. 

Skillenza - The company assesses the student pool in 1/3rd the time using its code evaluator and industry relevant problem statements and based on that up-skills them with their certified trainers.

GetCertGo - It is owned and operated by G.C.G. Infocomm FZC. They partner with the world’s leading course providers to offer the highest quality, career-focused online short courses. We do this to help working professionals around the world acquire new skills and advance their careers.

Ulektz - With the objective to help colleges and universities to stay ahead of educational transformation challenges, uLektz provides institutions their own branded mobile apps to have their presence in mobile platform and enable digital education with skill development and job placements for their students. 

Webind - WeBind helps students learn employable skills from employers themselves. Their mission is to flip ‘marks-based’ education to ‘skill-based’ education.

Innolat - Innolat is an innovative education technology startup which is passionately committed to solve the problem of employability in graduates from tier-2/3 cities of India through their cloud-based technology platform.

PositiveShift - The ISO 9001:2008 company is one of the fastest emerging company in the Learning & Skill Development segment and is affiliated under National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Govt of India.

AceTrac - The employability enhancement program introduced by Merit Trac - AceTrac stands out and completes the circle of continuous assessment and enhancement of skills. As a program dedicated to bridging employability gap (the gap between market demands and skills), it helps students to assess, identify, and enhance their skills; for recruiters, it offers access to an employable talent pool, all in one place.

Simplilearn - It is a place where one finds high quality online courses and free learning resources as per the requirements of companies and training centers. The portal is working with an aim to simplify the learning for working professionals. The website offers over 400 courses in vivid areas that includes IT, Programming, Big Data & Analytics, Digital Marketing and many more courses on demand from different vendors.

Veative - Immersive tools help to bridge the existing skill gap and motivate learners across various fields. Veative's immersive and experiential learning modules reduce the learning curve, and make it possible to learn concept beyond theoretical and real-world boundaries using innovative digital tools such as 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

Progate - Progate is an online platform to learn programming. Learn HTML, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Javascript, Java, Swift, Git interactively on the browser and app.

Cell-Ed - It is one of those advanced mobile based solutions which makes it easy, fast and affordable for one to reach, retain and Upskill the low-skilled workers through mobile device. The platform is an all-in-one solution which brings essential skills such like literacy, language and job skills to any adult with the help of a mobile phone.

Qualified - it is a platform that helps companies to assess a developer’s coding skill and technical expertise automatically. This SaaS platform therefore includes an assessment environment, tools for managing candidates and guidance on assessment best practices.

Ed Leadership SIMS - The platform provides computer-based simulations to superintendents, principals and administrators. It helps in gaining experiential, scalable professional development for K-12 administrators to build resilience, decision making skills and judgment.

OpenClassrooms - It is a tool that’s developed to bridge UK’s IT skill gap. It focusses on strengthening the vocational skills by offering the right offering. It mainly aims into teaching people how to code.

Landit - often known as “LinkedIn for women”, the platform invests in to create a compelling women’s experience to attract, develop and retain high potential diverse talent. For the women, it is the best personalized playbook to strengthen their career and move ahead in their profession.

T3 interactive- it is a tool that trains people to be better speakers by providing automated real-time feedback on communication skills and helping them achieve professional, personal and academic success.

Kalibrr - it is a Philippine based edtech solution which is addressing the needs of skill mismatch in Asian countries. It is helping to spur inclusive economic and social growth through skill development. The platform is not only upgrading skills but is also helping to align skills with industry needs.

Edutel - This edtech solution uses a two way satellite technology to broadcast live lessons by specialist teachers in Science, Math and English. The online classes work as additional guide to strengthen students’ understanding levels in core subjects and reduce skill gap eventually.

EkStep Foundation - This open source education technology solution is aimed at tackling India’s biggest challenge and help learners situated in remote corners of India to develop the fundamentals of Reading and Math.

Degreed - An edtech startup whose vision is to push in relevant, lifelong model of education that is necessarily unrestrained by limitations of a traditional degree based education. It is thus, helping enterprises and institutions to impart informal self-directed learning.

Banqer - An education App that is created with an aim to help learners attain important life skills and provide a safe classroom environment where students learn on online banking system. it also helps teachers deliver important financial literacy to students.

Did we miss out on any other impactful startup or company? 

Skills gap is harrowing the young professionals and the rate at which unemployment is rising up, it has surely got to be the most important topics to consider. Basically the skills gap is an educational problem and this is exactly where we see edtech companies are working really hard to shrink this gap for a better economy and happy society.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think edtech companies are doing enough to mitigate this serious problem? Do let us know your views on it through your comments.

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