Top On-Demand Tutoring Apps for your Child

Top On-Demand Tutoring Apps for your Child

All parent want to give the best of education to their child in order to help them stay well equipped with knowledge and keep up with the new age curriculum and job demands.

Which is why, you see that in the last couple of years, there has been an impending need of home tutors because students do require supplementary guidance to sharpen their skills fully. Interestingly, to resolve and satisfy the rising demand of home tutors, a bunch of Edtech companies have come up with some of the most organized home tutor solution that can be used right on one’s Smartphone to obtain real time services. Believe it or not, with the coming of online tutoring apps, the unorganized home tutoring segment has become a much more organized sector and paying for such solution is worthy on its own credit.

So, no more looking up for tutors or coaching centers for the child but rather, just with the help of a smartphone arrange for an individualized learning experience for their child. Take a look at the top on-demand tutoring apps, making a wave in the market.

Genext Students      

India’s artificial intelligence enabled, 1’st hybrid home tutoring platform for the students. The reason why it has attained immense popularity is because, they have been able to combine the best of private tutoring with technology enabled learning for CBSE, ICSE, national, international and state boards.

They bring the best of home tutors along with proprietary content- both online and offline right at the doorstep of parents/students who are economically marginalized section of the society, making right use of technology as a key driver.


An on-demand tutoring service that helps in meeting peer tutors at school in minutes and in person. It provides a wide range of skill sets such like computer, geometry, Spanish, SAT and English speaking tutoring to overseas students. For a parent’s peace of mind, tutors are from diverse background checked and screened through the National Sex Offender Registry among other resources.

The company has grown exponentially and has now grown exponentially and is completely self-funded. To date they have 12-13K tutors representing over 1000 US universities that have served 5000 students to date and expanded to 18 cities.


Again another one-on-one online tutoring platform that seamlessly connects tutors through tech-enabled platform. Unlike, the traditional tutoring agencies, here this platform basically capitalizes on the “uberization” of services. It uses both website and App to provide high-quality, in-person and on-demand service.

The best thing about Everly is that, it has tutors from a variety of backgrounds that includes certified teachers, industry professionals, undergraduates and graduate students having an experience in tutoring and teaching skills.

Chegg Tutors

One of the most popular online tutoring platform, opted by users mostly to get immediate homework help or set up affordable online tutoring with tutors from top college. Tutoring solution is available 24/7 through video, whiteboard and chat solution.

Students receive assistance either by on-demand or by scheduling a lesson content. In fact, students also have the freedom to actually read through the individual tutor reviews and feedback to see which tutor fits their personality best.


This platform is India’s one of the leading home tutoring service that provides high quality teachers at one’s doorstep. It gives students personalized tutoring experience at affordable service plans.

It has a stringent tutor filtering process that ensures only the best tutors get on board. And because, it has a Whatsapp like interface, so usability of the application also becomes easier for the students and parents. to go App

It is a real-time tutoring App that allows students to chat with a tutor for one-on-one help. The best part of the app is its friendly ‘live session’ feature which makes pictures and files sharing way too easy and allow students to receive a quick feedback on a variety of assignments. The tool offers test prep services, along with complete assistance in proofreading and tutoring across 16 different subjects.


This education startup connects students to tutors; commits on Better Teaching and Better Results through personalized tuition for CBSE, ICSE. Grades 4 to 10.


Qriyo positions itself as India's First Managed Home Tuition App. It makes one-on-one learning easy with the best tutors at your doorstep.


HashLearn is one of the popular on-demand tutoring app. They connect students with top tutors from the IITs and BITS - instantly, anytime, anywhere. They serve Class 8th - 12th students preparing for CBSE, ICSE and State boards as well as all entrance exams such as IIT JEE Main & Advanced, BITSAT, NEET, VITEEE, MU OET, SRMEEE, AIPMT and all State entrance exams.


A peer based online tutoring system that offers instant and efficient tutoring services across discipline. The lesson space of this online tutoring site is up-to-date and therefore students do not have any issue, connecting with the tutor either through text chat or through video sessions.

So, have we missed any other top and popular online tutoring tool?

Online tutoring sites have completely drawn users attention across the globe, because people just don’t have time or are willing to spend extra than what is required out of any service. Clearly, the sector has lot to grow with each passing year and take the sector to a new level of growth scale. So what are you waiting for? Install any one of the app mentioned above and harness its benefits to the utmost level. But, do not forget to write to us your personal experience using the modern day tutoring solution as your views can help others to decide on a credible tool.

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