Top Notch Edtech Products Straight from Teachers

Edtech tools make a teacher’s daily activities five finger exercise!

So let’s dive deep into a round of discussion on a list of tools that teachers think are hard to miss out. The list would help thousands of other teachers to get acquainted with worthy edtech tools and help them include these tools in their toolkit which are not only reliable but works perfectly as per their needs and varying circumstances.

Each of the product mentioned below assist teachers in improving teaching, learning or in school administration giving out significant results. So without any delay, let’s get straight into the list of edtech tools used widely by K-12 teachers without any miss!

(ADMS) Performance Matters

This tool is developed to help teachers track students’ progress towards learning. The use of Performance Matters Assessment and Data Management System can actually guide teachers in tailoring their instruction based on students’ performance and understand which point of area the student requires special attention and support from the teacher.

K-12 academic services coordinator for Marion County Schools in Florida said, “Teachers and school leaders are able to pull reports and review data with ease. School leaders are also able to utilize the early Warning System to monitor and provide support for students as needed. Performance Matters is a wonderful tool that supports our district goals”

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ALEKS (ALEKS Corp/McGraw-Hill Education)

An artificially intelligent assessment and learning system, this tool makes complete use of adaptive questioning method to derive information on what the student knows. This data helps the teachers to modify their instruction and help students master any topic, he/she is most ready to learn.

Leslie Horn, marketing and development consultant for EA Young Academy in Texas is highly impressed with the tool and explained so by saying, “We appreciate the way it helps students learn and practice independently and will continue to use ALEKS for years to come.”

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ClassVINCI (VINCI Education)

A tablet based learning system, it is specifically designed keeping in mind the early grade students. The solution engages students through game-based learning content and through its learning management system, teachers are able to side by side track the performance of the students’ needs.

Joy Kesterson, a kindergarten teacher in Lake County, Fla thinks this tool to be very interesting and helpful because, “My children enjoy playing all of the games that VINCI has created for the Common Core Curriculum. The best part is that you can track your students’ progress from your computer. This way, I can see who has what skills and who is still lacking skills.”

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Digital Techbook Series (Discovery Education)

A very resourceful tool designed by the Discovery Education to help students to achieve through digital environment. It is also a platform that allows teachers to stop depending too much on physical books and include digital resources that makes the learning environment engaging and interactive for the students. Further, the platform is also the best ground for the teachers to receive professional development and digital content they need to create dynamic learning environments that prepare students for college, career and citizenship.

Kurt Witthoff, K-12 science coordinator for Florida’s Collier County Schools said, “This resource has been a huge benefit to our students and teachers when it comes to engaging students with science content.”

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An advanced level cloud-based learning management system (LMS) developed specifically to cater the needs of the K-12 school districts. It uses latest internet and mobile technologies to connect teachers, students, parents and administrators through a single platform. Students can check their schedules and interact with classes, parents can see their kids’ homework and grades, teachers’ can have an access to course planning, attendance and assessment tools, while administrators can identify at-risk students too.

Principal of Philopateer Christian College in Ontario, Mary Ashun said, “Edsby has improved communication in more ways than I can recount here. We have benefitted so much from this program in our school- I’m not sure how we survive without it.”

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Eduvision (JDL Horizons)

Eduvision is an online portal for hosting, streaming and sharing video content that helps schools use the power of videos to transform education. The reason why teachers simply love this tool is because, it enables new teaching methods such as flipped and blended learning, providing 24/7 professional development for teachers.

It provides an easy and safe platform to the students to create and share educational videos. It safeguards student privacy and provides a secure as well as easily managed repository for curriculum assets that can be integrated into an LMS and also syndicate for sharing across districts and even states.

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It is an apt platform that allows one to create an engaging, multiplayer games with access to curriculum in both math and literacy, grades 3-9. Each of the game is designed to develop in students both academic and strategic skills.

A teacher from the Pinellas County, Elizabeth Prescan thinks this platform to be the best because, “I am using the DimensionU system mainly in my math classroom. It has allowed my sixth grade kids to enjoy practicing math skills more than traditional math practice assignments.

I can also choose skills they are to practice while they play the games. Kids enter my class daily and ask, ‘is it a DimensionU day?”

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EDU 2.0

Although a very simple Learning management system yet its power lies in its ability to offer schools and Universities to take advantage of a number of features such like Curricula creation tools, lesson planning, attendance checks and more. And best of it, teachers can take the utmost benefit of tracking and measuring the progress of individuals and groups.

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PowerMyLearning (CFY)

A free web based platform that makes thousands of high-quality learning activities easily accessible in one place.

A fifth grade teacher in Fort Cambell, Ky, Regina Hosey said, “I have shared the site with many of my K-5 Colleagues. I feel it has revolutionized educational content delivery.”

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A dynamic and scalable learning management system for the K-12 schools and higher education institutions. For the instructors, it is available as a free system. It also has an enterprise version for the upkeep of the school systems.

As per the technology coordinator for Ohio Hi-Point Career Center, “Schoology has a great, easy to use interface that students and faculty really love.

Academic content standards are included, and a new analytics tool (helps) teachers in identifying students who are struggling.”

So have we missed out any other hot favorite tool of the teachers?

Do consider using anyone or few of the tools mentioned above and check for yourself that they are hard to miss out! And, if you have already used one or two tool, listed above or any other tool that’s not in the list but is equally powerful, do share your experience using the tool and how it has helped you through your comments.

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