Top 10 Tech Skills Demanded by Companies in 2018

Top 10 Tech Skills Demanded by Companies in 2018

When you are wanting to stay competitive in the job market, it is important to know exactly what companies are looking for and expect from prospective employees.

This is especially true in the area of technology. If you expect to be successful in such a cut-throat job market, you will need to keep your tech skills up to date and relevant. These top 10 tech skills demanded by companies in 2018 are important for anyone looking to get noticed above the other competitors and make themselves more valuable to any company hiring them.

Amazon Web Applications and Services

With the growing popularity of online shopping and drop shipping, Amazon’s popularity has exploded. If you can learn the ins and outs of using their shipping software application and their cloud services, then your skills will be very valuable to many companies in 2018. This involves their shipping, tracking, invoicing, ordering and more.

Network and Information Security

Since so much information is stored online and within networks, it is very important that those networks are secure and safe from hackers and competitors. Breaches in security could cost companies thousands and thousands of dollars as well as lost customers and loss of trust in the market. Having skills in securing networks and searching out issues with security are very valuable with today’s employers. You can gain these invaluable skills through ISACA Certification Courses, which provide a common body of knowledge for all who take the training.

Data Analysis

If you are able to look at data, clean it up and sift through it to make decisions, suggestions and draw conclusions, you will have a value tech skill that most companies can use. This helps with marketing initiatives as well as tracking sales and forecasting for the future of the business.

Data Mining

Sometimes finding valuable data is a difficult process for businesses. This is where your skill-set would come in handy. Being proficient in data mining means that you are able to extract certain information from given data sets and turn it into something understandable for those who don’t work with data. You make the data useful in identifying patterns which are useful for business.

SEO Marketing

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and relates to getting your information or business ranked higher in search engines than others which are similar. This could mean you gain a customer over a competitor if your company appears first, therefore it is a valued skill to have by most employers.

User Interface Design

Contrary to how this sounds, it is not only related to computers. User Interface Design also relates to things like home appliances, electronics, games and more. It is the art of designing an interface that makes it easy for users to use the device/appliance. Basically, user interface design means you are building the design for how consumers experience and use particular items.

Mobile Development

Because almost everybody owns a smart phone, the need for marketing and applications made for mobile devices is ever growing. Businesses need to continually develop apps that are interesting and user friendly in order to stay on top of current trends and to encourage traffic to their business. Having the ability to develop these applications is highly regarded in the employment market.


The art of virtualization means creating a virtual version of a device like a server or a desktop computer. The “machine” operates the same as the “real” device except that it is virtually based. It gives the employer the ability to run multiple platforms at the same time on the same server. It gives the employer the ability to run multiple platforms at the same time on the same server. Having this skill-set would set you apart from other candidates since it is a desired knowledge.

Marketing Campaign Management

Beyond the actual handling of marketing material and coming up with best marketing ideas, the technical skill of market is a much finer talent. You should be able to follow a campaign from beginning to end and from there, analyze the effectiveness of the marketing by looking at the data you have tracked throughout.

Managing Databases

Most companies keep track of customers and potential customers within a database. These databases can contain valuable information about the company’s target customers, current clients and more. If you can manage these databases through dedicated software, you will have a valuable skill to offer employers. By using this software, you can manipulate these databases to extract specific information as needed.

The scope of technical skills that businesses value spans much farther than just these ten but these are a great starting point in skill building for better employment and to make yourself stand apart from other candidates when applying for positions in competitive market.

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