7 Good Examples of Gamification in Education

When words like "Play", "Games", "Missions" and "Fun" are used in front of students, they immediately show more energy in them. 

And this is the reason developers and educators are looking into gamifying the process of learning through a variety of new techniques using technology. The 21st century education requires the students to engage, recognize their interests, know what to learn and create a self learner attitude.

Hence, various edtech companies are working for some effective ways to create process of learning “fun”. Here are some of the good examples of gamification in education, we have curated for you.

KnowRe: Personalized Math Learning

Know More about KnowRe

Zondle: Create and Play Games Supporting Your Learning Needs

Know More about Zondle

DuoLingo: Learn a language while translating the Web

Know More about Duolingo

ClassDojo: Turns Class into a Game of Rewards and Instant Feedback

Know More about ClassDojo

Brainscape: Turns Confidence Based Repetition into a Game

Socrative: In-Class mobile interaction between Teacher and Student

Know More about Socrative , Socrative as a Formative Assessment Tool

PlayBrighter: Where Missions Replace Assignments

Know More about PlayBrighter


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