TechTerra Education Expands Online Store to Offer Educators the Best in STEM Tools, Training and Curriculum Solutions

TechTerra Education Expands Online Store to Offer Educators the Best in STEM Tools, Training and Curriculum Solutions

TechTerra Education is excited to announce its expanded offerings of the newest and best STEM educational tools, training and curriculum.

After the recent announcement of its partnership with MakeBlock, where it bundled the Neuron Inventor Classroom Kit with a full year of curriculum for primary and middle school students, TechTerra is bringing all new bundles and solutions for the 2018-2019 school year.

TechTerra seeks out the best in educational tools and brings them to classrooms worldwide. Exclusive TechTerra partnerships highlighted at the ISTE 2018 convention in Chicago include Scottie Go! and Zaprendo.

BeCREO’s ScottieGo! is a coding adventure educational game using cardboard tiles to create code and an app that scans the proposed solutions to set characters in motion. The app checks the solution to give immediate feedback. Scottie Go! also makes a young learner version and magnetic coding tiles for teachers to guide instruction. TechTerra Education CEO, Susan Wells, and BeCREO Technologies CSO, Pawel Czerwony, worked together at ISTE’s 2018 convention to showcase ScottieGo! in the US. Wells says, “I have personally used this learning tool with groups of 6-year olds and groups of 13-year olds teaching and exploring programming. The presentation is so expansive that it can be used across grade and ability levels. These groups were challenged, having fun and learning coding all at the same time. This tool is exceptional.”

Zaprendo’s “Sounds English Phonics,” is a literacy app that helps readers accelerate word recognition in order to progress them more quickly through the early stages of reading. Zaprendo’s co-founder, Inés  Noé, demonstrated the app at TechTerra Education’s booth at the ISTE 2018 convention. Says Wells, “This STEM app for language really got our attention. What is special about this tool is it is collecting personalized data about the student’s speech formation and use of phonics, and based on the student’s use and knowledge, it is a real formative assessment in action.”

Additional TechTerra Education partnerships announced include PowerUp, a sophisticated powered paper airplane and app to learn and experience the rules of aerodynamics through remote-controlled flight; Fuze Play, a codable flying disc; Robo Wunderkind, a robot built from blocks that teach coding using visual symbols; and Beyond Tablet, a tactile coding board with over 50 educational games including math, literacy, music and problem solving. Finally, TechTerra has worked with Matatalab to create a curriculum designed to meet STEM educational needs and standards in the US. Matatalab lets kids learn how to code with a screenless, word-free tool to program a robot and create music and art.

TechTerra Education’s complete list of the best educational tools and programs specifically targeted for educators and the classroom can be found at

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