Mentoria All Set to Begin a #CareerReady Movement for Schools at the EdTechReview K-12 Conference in Pune

Mentoria All Set to Begin a #CareerReady Movement for Schools at the EdTechReview K-12 Conference in Pune

Mentoria has partnered with 27 schools in Pune in a bid to make the nation’s youth lead happier, more productive and successful lives.

Students all over the world are facing the same dilemma - what will they grow up to be? With over 12000 career options to choose from, picking the right one at such a young age is a mammoth task. This is making students feel the pressure and causing so much stress that one in every four Indian teens is depressed (source: WHO 2015). It certainly doesn’t help that they have to make a choice by the time they turn 15. Add parental pressure, academic burdens, peer pressure and societal woes to the mix and the stress gets too much for such young minds to bear. Some make hasty, inaccurate decisions and go with whatever career choice is pushed onto them by their circle of influence. This method of career choice has led to 55% of India’s current workforce being unhappy, dissatisfied and frustrated with their choice of career (source: Monster + GVK). Some get so weighed down by the pressure that they decide to end it once and for all, which is why our country loses 26 students to suicide on a daily basis (Indian Crime Records Bureau). Statistics like these don’t just affect students and their families; they affect educational institutions too. Are schools not doing enough to help their students?

Schools are a child’s primary knowledge providers, and can play a pivotal role in helping the student make informed choices in life. One of the biggest choices a school can help a student make is a career choice. Fortunately, we now have reliable, scientific ways to make this choice and get it right. Mentoria is India’s most reliable and holistic career discovery ecosystem that helps students discover themselves and their ideal career paths, and handholds them throughout this journey. It uses a four-step solution to lead students (and their parents) from clutter to clarity:

Step 1: This involves taking India’s most reliable psychometric test specially designed for today’s environment and for Indian millennials that gauges a student’s personality, interests and abilities.

Step 2: Students and their parents undergo a career counselling session with Mentoria’s expert career counsellors, who use the results of the psychometric evaluation to help students understand themselves better, analyse their strengths and development areas, and shortlist the top three careers they are most likely to enjoy and excel at.

Step 3: Students gain a more holistic understanding of their future careers and the path to get there through a comprehensive knowledge gateway that provides them everything they need to know about their chosen careers and the colleges they can pursue courses in, while also providing weekly updates on their chosen field.

Step 4: Students glimpse into their future professions by connecting with industry experts who offer a deep and realistic understanding of what to expect from their working worlds through a series of career webinars.

Mentoria has begun a #CareerReady Movement to transform schools across the country into career-ready institutions that enable the nation’s youth to make informed decisions about their career paths, and live happier, more productive and successful lives. 27 schools in Pune have already joined the #CareerReady movement, and here’s how they have benefited:

  1. Enhancing academic performance and the quality of college admissions, as students are more focused from having gained clarity and confidence about themselves and their futures.
  2. Differentiating their schools from the competition by making them India’s top career ready schools, thereby attracting more and better quality students.
  3. De-stressed students who are now clear about their future paths and relieved parents.
  4. Attracting and retaining the best teacher talent by training them to become career counsellors through our certified counsellor training programme.

These 27 schools were the pioneers of change in Pune’s educational system, and have helped make a positive difference, not just for their students but also parents, teachers and their school management. Ms Padmaja Chawali, Principal of City International School and one of the pioneer adopters of the #CareerReady Movement, says, “Children in class 9th-10th are already confused with a lot of advice. I wanted some knowledgeable entity to guide my students properly. Mentoria is one such solution that is not only taking care of their career discovery, but also their mental happiness through their solution.”

Ms Harsha Joshi, principal of DIC School and another pioneer in the #CareerReady Movement, quotes, “Schools and Mentoria need to come together to create a nation transforming result.”

Mentoria will be present at the EdTechReview K-12 Conference 2018 to share their cause with schools and get more and more schools to join the #CareerReady movement. Schools like Indira National School,High Vision International School and SNBP International School recently joined the #CareerReady movement and have now become the pioneers of change that students - and schools - direly need today.

If you wish to transform your school into a #CareerReady institution and positively impact your students’ lives, visit their stall and pledge to join the #CareerReady Movement.

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