EdTech Company NUADU Raises $1.2 M to Improve the Quality of Global Education

EdTech Company NUADU Raises $1.2 M to Improve the Quality of Global Education

August 8, 2018

Los Angeles, CA – Gdynia, Poland – Singapore

NUADU, a company that pioneers a new, AI-supported way of the data-driven personalized learning environment, announced today that they have closed a $1.2 million funding round from Luma Ventures.

NUADU was launched in 2016 and has quickly grown to become a global player transforming the way coursework, problems and quizzes are assigned, completed and graded. Currently, NUADU holds offices in Poland and Singapore.

NUADU provides an interactive online Personalized Learning Environment platform with a vast library of K12 assignments integrated with the core educational curriculum of most countries in the world.

The system allows teachers to use ready-made, core curriculum-aligned question base or create their assignments; assign problem sets, tests, and quizzes to students; gather data about students’ progress, and quickly identify strengths, weaknesses and learning gaps.

The unique mechanisms of the system create an adaptive learning path for each student whose assignments are adjusted based on progress and needs. Students’ work is automatically analyzed and marked for correctness. Finally, feedback is available for both the student and the teacher. As parents are a big part of the educational success, each student account comes with one for parents.

A big market for NUADU is Europe with the focus on Poland where the platform has been used by 80 thousand elementary and middle school students and two thousand teachers since its launch. While the vast majority of NUADU’s users are located in Poland, the platform is currently used by forty-five thousand paid users across the world. Those users are based in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

"1.3 billion students around the world, the 17% annual growth of the EdTech market, and the global need for state-of-the-art digitalized education - these are just a few reasons why we are thrilled to support NUADU. What is more, we share a joint vision for the future of education, and are excited to help NUADU realize it," said Tomasz Cichowicz, Partner of Luma Ventures.

NUADU will use the funding by Luma Ventures to fuel the growth of the platform with the focus on personalization of the system based on AI and machine learning, as well as expansion in the Asia and the Middle East.

"The recent financing round builds on an exceptional year for NUADU which witnessed a 4-time increase in revenue compared to last year and the rapidly growing roster of users. Our platform has been widely adopted on Asian markets, and we are excited to further expand there, among other markets," said Pawel Czech, Chief Revenue Officer and VP of NUADU.

"Our solutions are supporting teachers in creating process-oriented, tailor-made personal learning environments that enable each student to grow. We believe that we can help fuel the promise of data-driven education," said Marcin Krasowski Chief Operating Officer and VP of NUADU.

"As Luma Ventures, we want to support NUADU not only with money to scale more quickly but also with our data science skills to develop machine learning tools for the adaptive personal learning environment," said Piotr Cizkowicz, Partner of Luma Ventures.

Luma Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on Data Science, supporting late-seed to growth stage start-ups from a variety of industries. Based in Poland an active across the Central and Eastern Europe, Luma Ventures offers both the financial and much needed non-financial support to early-stage companies to ensure their success.

More at http://lumainvestment.eu/

NUADU believes that everyone can achieve greatness. Based in Poland, the company uses AI and machine learning to improve the quality of education ensuring objectivity and universal access. NUADU is designed to be the leading homework, assessment and practice tool available globally. Discover more at http://nuadu.com

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