List of 10 Classroom Tech Tools for the New Teachers

List of 10 Classroom Tech Tools for the New Teachers

While debates continue about whether technology should be used sparingly or should be used always as it has the power to completely revolutionize how students learn, the fact is, the way students engage and learn has changed.

Technology plays a central role. So, as a new teacher, you have to adapt yourself to every piece of technology in the classroom, both new and old.

Well, given below are lists of some great edtech tool that we have researched for you so that you do not have to do it. Check them out and see how you could use them at different point of time in your classroom.

1.     Picktochart

This tool is a fantastic and super user-friendly tool that can help you create beautiful infographics, flyers, posters, presentations as well as create reports even if you have absolutely no design experience.

This tool is an ideal tool for you because it will help experience fun at work and best of all; you can create charts, infographics, and presentations for the class for yourself and not buy one from Pinterest or another platform. You can be assured with such pedagogical tool; you can definitely make the class interesting for the students.

2.     Scratch

It is a free programming language and online creative learning community where projects can be created as well as shared. The program is aimed at children and therefore you can use this tool in the classroom to teach the students the various possibilities of computer science and math concepts.

You can actually help your students create stories, games, and animations and share them with others around the world. By involving them in such activities, your students’ get a chance to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.

3.     ClassDojo

This edtech tool helps you create classroom communities with parents and students. It is important for you to consider this tool for classroom communication becomes way too easy using it. Teachers can also track students’ behaviour and upload photos and videos to share it with their parents.

It is this tool that will help you connect with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities. You can help your students learn important skills and value such as working hard to achieve something worthwhile, being kind to others, helping others and much more important value. Further, using this same tool, you can teach your students to showcase and share their learning by adding photos and videos to their own portfolio.

4.     Nearpod

This tool helps you create, engage and assess students through mobile devices. As a teacher, it can be really difficult to create engaging lessons for the students which will fully capture the attention of all the students. It is a recommended tool for you as using it, you will actually spend less time in planning and more on teaching.

You can actually enable 100% student participation by creating for them an inclusive and immersive learning experience. Students will also learn to take ownership of their learning as you increase students’ access to information, ideas, and interactions with the help of Nearpod.

5.     Rubistar

Rubrics are an essential scoring guide which is used to evaluate the quality of students’ constructed responses. So, if you have been looking hard for a tool that helps you make rubrics for your students, don’t miss out Rubistar.

It is free of cost tool and one that is a perfect tool for you because, by using it, you can make rubrics by not starting from the scratch, for you can select from some pre-made criteria and generator thereby saving your valuable time.

6.     Diggo

An interesting tool for you as using it, you can introduce your students to the world of research and most importantly, you will find your students will enjoy the process. Even if, you do not assign your students any important project or specific topic to work on, yet you can teach them to digest information with patience and persistence.

The tool allows bookmarking important sites, highlighting important information, adding sticky notes to pages, organizing references and easily annotating web pages. And as your students work through research, they will be able to also share their findings with others so that teachers and peers can track their progress and make suggestions.

7.     Mindmeister

It is a tool that’s been used by thousands of teachers all over the world to raise student achievement. By using this tool, your students can make outlines and concept maps without feeling monotony in the process but find the process a source of great fun. This tool helps you pick bubbles, arrows, and colours of your choice. It also helps you make it as big or as small as you want it to be. It actually makes the process of concept maps much fun, easy and enjoyable.

8.     Storybird

Writing is an important skill to foster in students and so why not do it with the help of this great tool called-Storybird which can make writing both interesting and fun for the class. Students can simply pick up a topic and begin writing on it with the help of this tool. The tool helps in providing the illustration.

The best part of this tool is that you not only help your students write stories but share their writing with other classes across the world.

9.     Prezi

This edtech tool is another great pick for you because by using it, you can actually make stunning presentations by inserting important information into pre-made templates within seconds. It is a super easy edtech tool and you can also teach the students to use this tool to make quick presentations in the classroom.

Maybe you could just assign the topic to small groups of students in the classroom, ask them to research on the topic and then put together relevant information to come up with interesting presentations.

10.  Knovio

This tool will help you deliver interactive and video-led teaching experiences through video presentation in the flipped classroom. In this tool, you can insert pictures or upload a PowerPoint and narrate over them.

The tool also has a fast and easy way to share lectures and research insights, teaching notes and classroom instructions. It will also help you quickly measure the learning outcomes with a 360 view of student engagement and activity. Further, you can also have students record their own video presentations.

Make sure you do not just gather information about various tools but use them to experience the benefits of using them in your pedagogy. And once you do that, please feel free to share your experience with us, so that your views on tools, help other teachers to also figure out information about edtech tools.

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