Indian Educator Sets Record: 100+ Free Udemy Courses With Over 1,30,000 Enrolled Students

Indian Educator Sets Record: 100+ Free Udemy Courses With Over 1,30,000 Enrolled Students

An educator from Lucknow, India, Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, who has been awarded a National Award by the President of India in 2005, and has been into the LIMCA book of records for developing over 150 educational applications for mobile has developed and published over 101 Udemy courses available free at and through the Udemy mobile app. 

With over 15925 Enrolments in the month of September, his all time students tally, 129320 from around 161 countries in the world.    Udemy is an online teaching learning platform which offers the world’s largest selection of courses where once can choose over 80,000 online video courses with new additions published every month.

Dheeraj Mehrotra has published over 101 courses and is one of the top contributors to spread education in the world to over hundred thousand students from 161 countries for FREE. He is the first Indian to draw this feast with so many courses being listed and offered without any charges. Some of the courses offered by him include:

  1. How to deliver Holistic Education to Kids?
  2. How Schools Can Prepare today's kids for tomorrow? Solving Screen Addiction- A barrier in your child's Growth Innovations in Education
  3. Creating Brain Compatible Classrooms
  4. Innovative Practices Towards Meeting School Challenges
  5. Tech Lessons For School Teachers
  6. Cultivating 21st Century Skills Via Multiple Intelligence Learn About Safety Norms in Schools as a Priority Evaluating Learning Outcomes Within Schools Preparing School for Inspection
  7. Delivering An Action Plan For Effective Schools Understanding the Core Classroom Pedagogy Designing School Performance Matrix
  8. 99 Classroom Management Strategies
  9. 99 Ways to PRAISE Your Children
  10. 99 Ways to RAISE Your Children
  11. How to Excel in Life?
  12. How to Attain Stunning Success? Tips to GET SMART!
  13. How to become a leader and inspire others as leaders?
  14. How to build a positive community between parents-teachers? How to create a collaborative culture within schools?
  15. Learning Strategies for Authentic Classroom Engagement0
  16. How to be an Excellent Teacher?
  17. 49 Tips For New Teachers
  18. Engaging The Learner
  19. Tips to Enhance Learning Using Technology
  20. How to Teach to Inspire Learning?
  21. Becoming a Quality Parent
  22. Learn To Talk Like TED
  23. Learn About Cloud Computing
  24. How to Maximise Every Child’s Potential How to Manage Google Generation Kids? Challenges for Parents with solutions. Digital Expertise for Educators
  25. Learn 100 words to impress others
  26. Learn 99 Important Hindi Sentences
  27. Learn About Students Quality Circles (SQC) Learn about Model United Nations (MUN) How to be a Creative Learner?
  28. Learning Classroom Management Strategies
  29. How to Fascinate Your Audience? Excellence In School Education How to be a Street Smart Teacher?
  30. Learn to Know and Explore your Friends
  31. Learn the WOW teaching habits How to Teach Like a Champion? How to be a Rockstar Educator? Winning Secrets of Teaching
  32. Learn about Onus of Teachers and Parents with changing times. How to manage your kids?
  33. Essentials for Students Towards Excellence
  34. C++ Programming Basics
  35. Learning to Learn
  36. How to Impart Social and Emotional Learning? How to be an Effective Mentor to Students? Learn Educational Data Mining (EDM)
  37. Learn Creative Teaching Skills.
  38. Earn Your Six Sigma White Belt in Academics
  39. Grab Success Through NLP Mantras
  40. Learn about 99 Safety & Security Anchors at Schools
  41. How to Teach Smart?
  42. How to be a Wow Teacher?
  43. How to Tackle the Facebook Generation within classrooms? How to Assure WOW classroom Teaching Towards Excellence? How to have a Quality Culture within schools?
  44. Learn how to avail opportunities as a Habit. Learn WOW ways to impress yours students. How to be instantly magnetic as Teachers? How to influence people first time every time?
  45. How to have Quality Through Mindfulness within classrooms? How to Teach like a Champion using NLP?
  46. Computing Ethics for Students
  47. 50 Java Source Codes Explained
  48. 99 School Management Strategies Managing Classrooms for Excellence How to have ignited classrooms?
  49. Feel Good Moments of Life. TQM in Academics
  50. Teaching Excellence
  51. Trouble Shooting Your Classrooms
  52. How to have a WOW Classroom Teaching? Learn how to manage your classroom effectively Learn how to be a wow teacher
  53. New Age Teaching Skills Unleashed
  54. Learn Periodic Table of Happiness
  55. How to be a Rockstar Teacher? Digital Skills for Teachers
  56. Learn about Students Quality Circles (SQC) Learn WOW Models of Strategic Thinking Experiential Learning for Educators
  57. How to Effectively Manage a School
  58. How to be a Highly Effective Learner? Learn 5S’: The Quality Mantras
  59. Create your app and publish to play store
  60. How to be a great TEDx speaker?
  61. 199 Ways to be a WOW Teacher Learn 199 Ways of Parenting Teaching Skills for Teachers
  62. NLP for Teachers
  63. Six Sigma In Education



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About Dheeraj Mehrotra:

Dheeraj Mehrotra, MS, MPhil, Ph.D. (Education Management) honoris causa., a white and a yellow belt in SIX SIGMA, a Certified NLP Business Diploma holder, is an Educational Innovator, Author, with expertise in Six Sigma In Education, Academic Audits, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Total Quality Management In Education, an Experiential Educator, a CBSE Resource towards School Assessment (SQAA), CCE, JIT, Five S and KAIZEN. He has authored over 40 books on Computer Science for ICSE/ ISC/ CBSE Students, over 10 books of academic interest for the field of education excellence and Six Sigma. A former Principal at De Indian Public School, New Delhi, (INDIA) with an ample teaching experience of over Two Decades, he is a certified Trainer for Quality Circles/ TQM in Education and QCI Standards for School Accreditation/ Six Sigma in Education. He has also been honored with the President of India’s National Teacher Award in the year 2006 and the Best Science Teacher State Award (By the Ministry of Science and Technology, State of UP), Innovation in Education for his inception of Six Sigma In Education by Education Watch, New Delhi and Education World- Best Teacher Award, BOLT Learner Teacher Award by Air India, 'Innovation in Education Award 2016' by Higher Education Forum (HEF), Gujarat Chapter, among others. He has developed over 150 FREE EDUCATIONAL MOBILE Apps for the Google Play Store exclusively for Teachers, Students and Parents. This work has been recognized by the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS & INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS as the only Indian to draw that feast. Dr. Mehrotra is presently working as an Academic Evangelist with Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad.

He has conducted over 1000 workshops globally on “Excellence In Education” integrated with Total Quality Management and Six Sigma, Technology Integration in Education (TIE), Developing towards being ROCKSTAR TEACHERS, including Cyberspace, Cyber Security, Classroom Management, School Leadership & Management and Innovative teaching within classrooms via Mind Maps, NLP and Experiential Learning in Academics. He is an active TEDx speaker and can be viewed on YouTube TEDx channel.

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