YouTube Channels for Teachers' Professional Development

We spend a lot of time YouTubing. But the next time you check out your go-to app make sure you check out these awesome teacher professional development channels.

These channels cover all your teaching-learning needs and will help you refine your skills and level up.

1. Starlink Professional Development

This channel belongs to a faculty based organization. But educators across the globe will find it relevant and useful for the content they have onboard. They work on three fundamental beliefs. First, all students should benefit from their education. Second, students and educators are more successful when supported by professional development. Third, an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. Based on these three principles, they have videos that will help educators grow in their sphere. Their playlist on teaching tips would be of great benefit for educators as it covers many areas like engaging students, critical thinking and more!

2. Teachings in Education

Certainly this is the #1 resource on YouTube for educators.

An active channel that covers almost all the things related to an educators’ profesion. The channel covers some amazing videos on topics like Assessments, Teaching Strategies, Google Apps for Education, Special Education Core Knowledge, Teacher Interview Questions, and much more. This channel offers training, professional development, and researched-based strategies for educators.

3. School Improvement Network

This particular channel specializes in professional development for educators as it partners with schools, districts, and educators throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas to increase student achievement. The channel include samples and segments of professional development library of over 2,000 videos. These videos show examples of real schools and teachers that are succeeding with proven methods. They also share presentations from conferences and interviews.

4. Teaching and Learning

The channel doesn’t seem active but the videos on this channel would be beneficial to teachers. It covers some good videos on classroom management, memory games for students, revision activities that teachers can us in classroom and more. It does cover a lot of teaching and learning ideas so I suggest teachers to definitely check out the content on this channel.


An extension of TED, this channel is a bank of good stuff related to education. Here, you will find curated educational videos from talented educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed website. Another related channel is Ted-Ed Educators’ Talk, specifically catering teachers around the world.
on these channels you will find some unique videos like the below and a lot more inspiring and motivational videos that will help you do wonders in your profession.

Enlisted are the lists of YouTube Channels that you can follow as per your subjects:

YouTube Channels You Must Follow To Learn About Physics

YouTube Channels You Should Follow to Know Awesome Science Facts

YouTube Channels You Must Follow if You Love Math

YouTube Channels For The History Heads

YouTube Channels You Must Follow To Get Your English Right

YouTube Channels You Should Follow To Know About Geography

Which other channels do you follow? Share with us in the comment box below!

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