Learn High School Physics the New Way with KAD24

Learn High School Physics the New Way with KAD24

The edtech sector has been growing rapidly across the continent and it was just last year that, we saw headlines across the media outlets talking about the global investments in edtech crossing the $9 billionmark.

This staggering figure was a 30% jump from the investment figures in educational technology last recorded in 2016. Market analysts are hopeful that with the rise in education spending by China and India, 2018 may perhaps turn out, yet another fruitful year for the edtech industry.

Currently, edtech in India is ‘a ray of hope for transforming the learning experience.’With traditional form of learning taking a backseat, innovative edtech solutions have helped the teachers take learning beyond the classroom in a more engaged way. The versatile learning tools are supporting teachers to demonstrate concepts in innovative ways, assign students projects and access learning progress smartly.

For example, Veative Labs uses VR to make learning interactive and fun in classrooms; ClassPlus - a classroom management app help tutors reduce time-consuming secondary activities such as creating quizzes, checking assessment and tracking attendance logs; KAD24 - a site that provides superior level eLearning corporate training and eLearning solution for educational purposes. The list is in fact endless.

However, not many turn up to be called a successful startup as is KAD24 deemed to be. The company is fast expanding in India and the global arena with its exclusive services.

KAD24 - An Award Winning, Illustrious, & Expanding Company

  1. KAD24 is an esteemed private limited company; engaged in technical consulting & engineering industry.
  2. It is considered as one of the leading tech consulting / R&D Training Company for top automotive companies - having annual revenue of US$150,000 with strong cash flows. It is the trusted engineering supplier to Mercedes-Benz.
  3. It has more than 45 man-years of corporate success and experience; consequently helping the company offer healthy opportunities and margins to its business partners across the globe.
  4. It is India sales partner for 3P Learning, Australia that offers world’s leading and proven High School Maths and Spelling eLearning modules to 250,000 international schools worldwide.
  5. KAD24’s self-learning e-tutorial platform - Physicsmodels has 3D animation, 3D models and colourful sketch based videos and tutorials for higher user engagement and coherent understanding of concepts in physics.
  6. As of now, they offer 47+ chapters on physics concepts for NEET/JEE (CBSE/ICSE/State Boards) examinations. These chapters include several topics with illustrations, videos, text and solved problems.
  7. They have 50,000+ paid subscribers from all over India. With a strong 3000+ international subscriber base, making them a preferred platform when it comes to quality content for physics teaching/learning.

KAD24 has managed to gain spotlight as a leading tech consulting and e-Learning content company in a short span of time. This is mainly due to the clear visionary power of the founder of KAD24 and certainly the ability of the company’s team to execute the vision successfully. Further, with Physicsmodels – an improved learner-centric solution to promote physics education for high school students the platform has been accepted internationally. The portal was recently awarded by iSTUDY, UK as No 1 in India for Innovation in Educational E-learning. It also received the Top 10 Most Promising Digital Learning portals in India-2018 award, by Higher Education Review Magazine.

Most recently KAD24 has announced that have been selected as “Content Partner” by School Tube, USA – a premier platform for K12.

Image: Highlighting High-Quality Animations & Computer Models

As a primary offering by KAD24 in India, Physicsmodels is a self-learning, e-tutorial & student friendly platform opens up a better, faster and fabulous way to teach & learn physics concepts with 3D animations & 3D models. To help students remain unstressed, it contains a sequence of chapters (just like in school textbooks) that unfolds and explains the depth of important scientific theories. Solved numerical problems, equations, overwhelming formulas, strange symbols and abstract concepts of physics are minutely explained step by step for better student comprehension. The use of video tutorials connecting complex concepts like parabolic motion or vectors with games boost engagement and excitement of the learner and is an attractive element that Physicsmodel offers.

Another factor that adds to the success of KAD24 is the recorded 98% positive user appreciation of content, now with thousands of YouTube subscribers and hundreds of thousand views
The illustrious track record is a clear indicator of its growth.

KAD24’s India Partnership Program

KAD24 Teknosolutions had rolled out a sales/reseller partnership program to support Indian EdTech growth It is looking for partners across India to sell subscription of “Physicsmodels” to various segments of the market. It is an exclusive opportunity for the Indian educational organization to expand and add stable revenue to their existing offering. The opportunity also offers the partners to get engaged with and exposed to the international standard of EdTech products/services that KAD24 brings.

Apply for KAD24 partnership to expand your business and attain unprecedented market hold.

You may visit the company site and testimonial section for more details.


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