Woobo, the AI-Powered Educational Robot, Enters the Retail Arena with an Engaging Game-Based UI

Woobo, the AI-Powered Educational Robot, Enters the Retail Arena with an Engaging Game-Based UI

Woobo, the AI-Powered Educational Robot, Enters the Retail Arena with an Engaging Game-Based User Interface Called, ‘Woobo’s World’

 Woobo is a smart companion who sparks curiosity and fosters early development by engaging children ages 4 and up in fun-learning activities. 

BOSTON - After logging record-breaking sales through their Kickstarter campaign in 2017, Woobo has finally entered the retail arena with a new and exciting, game-based user interface called, ‘Woobo’s World’. Priced at $149, customers can now purchase this 1.5 version of Woobo on Woobo’s eCommerce store and in a few weeks, on Amazon as well.

What started off as a dream project to bring children’s imaginary friends to life, has now become an integral part of the lives of hundreds of children as they embark on a journey to explore and learn. A cuddly, plush robot, Woobo can talk, express feelings, tell stories, sing songs, and play games with kids. Woobo gets smarter and more engaging with each new interaction.

After the launch of Woobo v1.0, a highly motivated team of designers, engineers, and educators at Boston-based Woobo Inc., set out to analyze the feedback and reviews received from kids and parents, and made strategic improvements to Woobo’s hardware and software.

What’s new with Woobo v1.5?

- Introducing Woobo’s World - a game that let kids explore exciting landscapes and new characters that are an integral part of Woobo’s life

- A new set of changeable facial expression packages

- In-app purchases to access third-party content

- Free unlimited access to the original content library -- games and activities (40), songs (50) and stories (approximately 25) -- that is updated on a regular basis

- Reinforced wiring in paw buttons

- Rectangular screen for optimized viewing

- Screen time limit

In launching ‘Woobo’s World’, the content creators and game developers at Woobo introduce a colorful and captivating way to navigate through content. Kids visit characters and exciting locations to discover games rather than simply clicking on icons from a tabular menu. Woobo’s World takes children across 7 locations, alongside 16 new characters to unlock more than 44 stimulating activities!

“At Woobo, it is our vision to transform children’s learning by infusing the process with two core educational principles--companionship and compassion,” said Feng Tan, founder and CEO of Woobo, Inc. “We want parents to be able to raise smarter, kinder, and happier kids and through Woobo, kids find themselves a safe gateway to a world waiting to nurture their curiosity!”

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About Woobo

Woobo is a Boston-based company founded by MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, and RISD alumni to produce avocal and interactive AI robot for child companionship and educational development. Woobo provides a functional education and entertainment platform within a cuddly, engaging robot playmate that brings kids joy and interactive learning. Woobo can talk, answer questions, express emotion, tell stories, sing songs, and play games with kids of any age. For more information, visit https://www.woobo.io.

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