Non-Profits Working Towards Improving Literacy of Girls

In developing countries around the world, girls still lack the basic facility of proper education and which is a matter of huge concern.

It is a concern we say, because, it not only impacts the growth of girls themselves but indirectly impacts the world around them. Charles Malik, the famous Lebanese philosopher and diplomat had once rightly said, “The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.”

At present there are about 31 million girls of primary school age that are not in school. To many these are just a number on a page but for others this figure is the main objective behind their entire initiative to bring reform to society. This is perhaps why you will find; non-profit girls’ education organization has sprung up to create opportunities for women in developing countries.

Let’s, therefore take a look at how different non-profit organizations are working towards improving the literacy of girls.

1. Campaign For Female Education (CAMFED) - this non-profit organization tackles poverty and inequality by offering necessary support to the marginalized girls so that they can go to school, succeed and become leaders of change.

The organization invests in girls and women residing in the remotest parts of Sub Saharan Africa where girls face acute disadvantage and where their empowerment is now transforming communities.

2. Room to Read- For the proper development of girls, one needs life skills, thinking critically, empathizing and relying on themselves and help one meet day-to-day challenges plus informed decisions. By learning such life skills, girls become better equipped to handle challenges, from gender bias to managing time so that they can save time for studies.

This non-profit organization therefore designs program that enables girls to learn and practice life skills through classes, workshops and extracurricular activities. Room to Read is today one of the leading organization that helps in girls education and children literacy in Asia and Africa.

3. Educate Girls- This organization is based in India with an objective to tackle issues at the root cause of gender inequality in India’s education system. It works with the government schools to start educational models and access in “educationally backward” areas of the country.

The organization aims to offer quality education to millions of girls and in order to do so it is partnering with international organization such as UNICEF to address issues in specific school districts.

4. Girls Education|CARE- This organization execute gender-synchronized approaches and projects to identify and address the unique barriers which keep girls out of school. The specialty of this organization is that they are a strong advocate of building equitable environment. They therefore, engage both girls and boys from the inception to build equitable environment together thereby helping all students to learn, thrive and grow together.

5. She’s the First (STF)- Based out in New York City, the organization helps girls of developing countries complete their education. They not only bear the tuition and boarding costs of girls from economically backward families, but extend individual guidance and provide essential resources like uniforms and medicine too. She’s The First selects girls based on financial need and academic potential.

6. Forum for African Women Educationalists- This Pan- African non-profit encourages policy changes to make learning environments more accessible to girls. It partners with private and government organizations across the continent. It is trying to create community awareness and ensure equal treatment between boys and girls in schools.

The primary objective of this organization is to ensure that girls attain education that helps them to seamlessly get integrated into the social and political fabric of their countries.

7. Asian University for Women- An independent, international university based out in Chittagong. Studying in this University, students gain relevant, interdisciplinary knowledge across multiple fields. It ensures that girls feel empowered to think critically, are able to communicate effectively and work intelligently to address global issues with innovative and bold solutions.

In order to increase access to higher education, the University offers flexible pre-university programs. It also aims to educate women from all corners of the region.

8. Global Fund for Women- The organization has been relentlessly working to make grants to various organizations around the world that provides access to both informal and formal education for women and girls. It pays particular attention to the needs of girls and women in minority and marginalized communities.

9. Developments in Literacy- The organization is dedicated to provide quality education to disadvantaged children, especially girls, by establishing and operating schools in the undeveloped regions of Pakistan. The organization has a strong focus on gender equality and community participation.

10. BRAC It is a Bangladesh organization that is aimed to offer disadvantaged girl children educational opportunities. It covers aid for economically backward children of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Uganda and Southern Sudan.


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