Translation And Dictionary Apps For Language Learners

Translation And Dictionary Apps For Language Learners

Being bilingual is a thing of past.

Now, we come across multilingual individuals who are keen to add more languages to their eloquence.

Needless to say, mobile does play an important role here as with resources on a single tap are there to help you cross all barriers. With tech in place it is so much easier to learn languages.

In this post I’ll be sharing a list of translation and dictionary apps for all the lingoholics out there.

1. Google Translate

The web giant offers an amazing application to curb the language requirements of all. With more than 100 languages available, the user can type and translate between the languages of choice.

Following are some cool features:

- Offline: Translate 59 languages when you have no Internet

- Instant camera translation: Use your camera to translate text instantly in 38 languages

- Camera Mode: Take pictures of text for higher-quality translations in 37 languages

- Conversation Mode: Two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages

- Handwriting: Draw characters instead of using the keyboard in 93 languages

- Phrasebook: Star and save translations for future reference in any language

App Compatibility: Android, iOS

2. iTranslate Voice

This app supports voice translation in over 40 languages. Its transcript feature allows you to ‘export, copy or share any voice conversation.

App Compatibility: iOS

3. Reverso Translate and Learn

Reverso is the best tool for those who seek quality translation, looking to master a foreign language: reading, writing or speaking, and the good thing is that it's free. Translate and learn millions of words and expressions and express yourself as if you were a native speaker.

Students, teachers, whether beginners or advanced, use Reverso to learn new words or expressions, and eliminate the risk of being mistaken.

Following are some cool features:

- Instant translation in 11 languages: Spanish, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, German, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew.

- Vocabulary lists based on your personal selection of examples and translations, available offline.

- Natural pronunciation of complete example sentences.

- One click to see reverse translations, frequency details, definitions or conjugation when applicable.

- Search history, available offline and available on Reverso Context website if you register (free)

- Suggestions: words and expressions will be suggested to you as you type.

- Share instantly your findings via email or through social media.

- Flashcards to help you memorize the words or phrases searched or discover new ones.

App Compatibility: Android, iOS

4. SayHi Translate

This application includes 100 languages, with dialect support for many of them. The translation voices can be changed to either male or female, and the speed of translated speech can be slowed to facilitate understanding if you want to use it in conversations.

There’s also an “edit translation” feature, so changing translation queries is as easy as a finger tap!

App Compatibility: iOS, Android

5. TripLingo

Although this app is ideally for travellers, it found place in this list because of the rave reviews it has scored.

User can learn essential phrases (in four slang levels!), instantly translate voice or connect to a live translator, get a crash course on the local culture and so much more- all in the app that was named the “2012 Business Travel Innovation of the Year” by Fast Company.

The free version includes basic access to all features in every language. You can access all content by upgrading to a premium subscription.

App Compatibility: Android, iOS

6. Duolingo

One of the top choices that come to the mind when talking about learning another language. The interface is simple and turns provides learning in a Gamified way. The more answers you get correct, the more you’ll earn and the more you’ll learn! The main way Duolingo aims to teach you a foreign language is by repetition, conversation, and audibly speaking. If you go several days without completing any lessons, your skill level will fall and you'll have to go back and strengthen those skills again. This method means you stay motivated to practice regularly.

App Compatibility: Android, iOS

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7. English Thesaurus

Probably, one of the largest collections of synonyms and antonyms featuring pronunciation, it includes not only single terms but phrases and complete colloquial proverbs. This wide-ranging collection of terminology is intended to be a professional writing aid for native speakers and a reliable tool for those learning the language. Internet connection needed only for the spell checker.

App Compatibility: Android, iOS

8. iHandy Translator

iHandy is available on a freemium version. The paid app offers more features but the free one still gets the job done. There are more than 50 languages offered and the interface is user-friendly and virtually fail-proof. User can translate any of the available languages into any other available language almost instantly. This is a go-everywhere, fit-any-situation tool which doesn’t offer bells or whistles but delivers on nearly any basic language translation question.

App Compatibility: iOS

9. Online-Translator: The Best Topical Translation App

This app is WOW! The topical feature offered makes it stand out from the rest. The app’s topic feature allows you to pick your topic (business, travel, academia…) before translating.

This might not seem all that important, but consider the difference when translating a simple animal name, for example. When translating the French term “boeuf,” if you’re translating an agricultural text, you’d want the English word “steer”; if you’re translating a menu, you’d want “beef”. There are countless possible mistranslations that could occur similar to this one if your translation is not contextualized.

This app with give you the best or most appropriate version of the translation for the category you’ve chosen, which may not ensure a perfect translation, but you’ll definitely get much closer to the word or phrase you were looking for!

Also, Online-Translator automatically detects the language you are trying to translate from, which is like cherry on top!

App Compatibility: Android

Are you familiar with any of the apps mentioned above? Make sure you share your experiences in the comment section below. Also, keep the list growing!

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