[Connect China Forum] Organized By Wise Ocean Accelerator Helps Businesses Enter China

[Connect China Forum] Organized By Wise Ocean Accelerator Helps Businesses Enter China

Building the Future-Ready Global Learning Ecosystem

Up to July of this year (2018) China EdTech sector has obtained USD $3+ billion from VC,US has secured USD $1+ billion – US has been surpassed by China since 2 years ago and the gap is growing. China invests 4% of its GDP in education each year, its education is expected to become a 100 billion industry.

Wise Ocean Accelerator (WOA) is a China-US-partnership EdTech accelerator looking to build the future-ready global learning ecosystem. Its mission is to help international companies with the original intellectual property and advanced technologies to build and grow their business in China, and vice versa, to help China companies develop their businesses in the global market.

WOA has built an advisory board composed of renowned business executives, entrepreneurs, startup mentors and HR leaders from US, Australia, Finland, India, Switzerland, UK. It’s also seeking to build a global accelerator network by partnering up with organizations in different countries passionate about creating global education impact.

Its support for global companies entering China includes:

  • Access to working space, company administration assistance, and test beds in K12, vocational/higher education institutions, and corporations in China.
  • Help connecting with target audience or market channels to test the product-market fit, collect feedback for localizing the product design and business model.
  • Help building local partnership to co-develop localized product or service and plan iterations with evidence-based approach.
  • Offer guidance on intellectual property right protection, national and local education policies, society and culture, business model, market operations, business administration, taxation, and legal issues.
  • Help connecting with investment funds in Qtone Education Group and other top tier venture capital funds, investors, grants, financial programs.
  • Help connecting with local talents, resources, technical supporting team, and also internationally renowned researchers and advanced technologies. (e.g. building learning analytics and personalized learning into your product)

WOA will be hosting a Connect China Forum to bridge business opportunities across the border — connecting EdTech companies with education decision makers (school principals & educators), public department officers, potential partners in China, CEOs and product managers in Qtone Education Group as well as investors.

From WOA’s website:

This forum will be co-hosted by the government of Zhongshan City of Guangdong Province. The Science and Technology Department of Zhongshan city will introduce the available resource for protecting your IP rights in China.

It’s an invitation-only forum. Please send us your application for our committee to review and consider, then we’ll contact you for an online interview if your product/service matched our interests. (these might interest us, but not limited to)

Up to 10 companies will be selected to present on this forum, they are free to attend this form, and their accommodation during the trip will be covered.

All selected companies have the opportunities to enter our accelerator to get our help for entering China market. And right after the presentation, they will get: (1) the feedback about their products or (2) advice on business strategy in China. Translation service will be provided.

Your application needs to include the following information, we don’t request a specific format — a Word document or a video with key information are both fine…, being creative is certainly appreciated.

  • Product information and progress;
  • Analysis of the market and of product innovation;
  • Team information,introduction of the core members, and introduction of the background;
  • Corporate development plan and future vision.

Please send your application to pitch [at] wiseocean.tech, or contact us for questions contact [at] wiseocean.tech. More information about the forum can be found here.

If you cannot attend this event but are interested, you are welcome to pitch anytime.

For more information about this press release, contact:

Jessie Chen, VP, Wise Ocean Accelerator Ltd (jessiec@wiseocean.tech)

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