Handy Teacher Tools to Create Quizzes or Polls Quick & Flawless

Handy Teacher Tools to Create Quizzes or Polls Quick & Flawless

For a teacher to spark curiosity and keep the interest level in students up and running is a task ‘easier said than done.’

Teachers like any other professional cannot come up with interesting ideas always to improve students learning. At such a time, when the teacher finds he/she is short of good ideas can simply rely on a practical solution called quiz maker and poll tools. These tools help teachers to create fun and interesting quizzes that help keep the students engaged and hungry for more thereby increasing learning experience of the students.

So without any ado, let’s check out some free tools and websites that assists teachers create or share quizzes and polls easily.

1. Topgrade Quiz Maker

This cool solution allows teachers to make learning more enjoyable for the students by quickly creating and sharing quizzes and flashcards with the students for free. The unique part of the solution is its elements that allow teachers to create multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching and ordering question types. It also allows teachers to add images and allot a time limit to questions and review scores achieved by students.

Check out this tool, it’s available online or through Apple and Android Apps.

2. Proprofs

Yet another very powerful free quizzes and tests tool to assist teachers make learning interesting for the students. The tool comes with 100k+ customizable quizzes and 15+ questions types that will help teachers create either scored quizzes, personality quizzes or surveys. Further, teachers will get options to also add images, presentations and videos to the quiz to make it appealing for the students.

The free version offers unlimited quizzes, questions and quiz takers, while the paid version comes with additional features such like student tracking, privacy settings and others.

3. QuizPedia

Quizpedia unlike other quizmaker tools is a slightly different tool for it turns the table. It allows students to make quizzes instead of the teacher. Students can add in a quiz picture, give a title to the quiz and description and at the same time also choose a category for the quiz. Each quiz can have as many questions as one wants. If need be, students can also have the questions in the poll format.

Teachers should consider this tool for their students because it not only strengthens 21st century skills but helps students to put serious effort to research, evaluate and validate information before they frame key questions that are framed based on their own understanding of a concept and that they are going to share with their peers to obtain answers to those questions.

4. ClassMarker- It is a free online testing website that allows Businesses, Teachers and Educators to create their own quizzes and exams online so that students take them. It saves time for the teachers in conducting tests and grading the test papers thereafter.

The tool has free and upgraded options with extra features like emailing results to ‘test authors’, custom certificates and charge for exams, full API and Webhooks and in depth statistics for user and group results.

5. Moodle (Feature)

This free of cost Learning Management System (LMS) tool enables educators to level up features with various instruction, assessment and reporting modules. It is an open source initiative and can be customized or modified through modular, interoperable plug-ins and commercial and non-commercial projects.

The best part of the platform is that, it is an easy to use best system for online learning and contains many activities- taking which students learn to reflect, criticise and develop on the contents of any subject or subject that is being taught. Further, the gamification feature of the tool such like rewards, leaderboards and hidden easter eggs help keep learners engaged while freely available plug-ins and add-ons allow course administrators to create a learning environment that fits their needs.

6. Learningpod

This platform aims to help the community build the largest library of free, online practice questions in the world. Part of the Learningpod’s belief is that education should be available to anyone who wants to teach or learn.

The platform contains practice sets of standardized tests, search database of over 49,000 practice questions. Teachers can assign and share with students by embed code, link or print in PDF format. The best part of the platform is that, answer keys and explanations are easy to access.

Teachers can introduce this platform to the students on interactive whiteboards (or projector).

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