Maple Bear Pioneers ‘Computational Thinking’ Program for Preschoolers

Maple Bear South Asia, winner of the IDA Education Award 2018 for Most Innovative Pedagogy in Early Learning, has become the first to introduce Computational Thinking at the preschool level across its schools in the region. 

“The Maple Bear program is a living, breathing curriculum that is constantly being updated and we’re always looking ahead of the learning curve to prepare our children for the future. With computational thinking emerging as an unbelievably valuable thinking tool of the 21st century, it was an obvious choice to integrate it in our curriculum,” says Hazel Siromoni, Managing Director, Maple Bear South Asia.

Commenting on the need for introducing a Computational Thinking Program at the early childhood education level, Shalini Jaiswal, Director - Academic, Training & Teacher Education, Maple Bear South Asia, says, "Developing computational thinking skills at the early childhood education level helps children to be articulate and think logically. It helps them start thinking in a manner where they are able to find multiple approaches to problem-solving and then identify the approach that best fits the solution. It is for these reasons that computational thinking has forged a reputation as a powerful universal problem-solving technique: not just in prepping young learners for coding, but also in helping them navigate the world at large.”

As part of the development, Maple Bear South Asia has introduced the following products from Eupheus Learning as part of the teaching aids available at its preschools in South Asia. These products are especially designed to help children develop computational thinking skills.

Cubetto (For ages 3 years and above)

Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot from Primo that teaches children the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands-on play. It offers a fun and engaging way to learn the principles of coding through a myriad of themes and subjects, including Literacy, Numeracy, Maths, Science and many more.

RoboGarden (For all age groups)

Robogarden teaches students different coding concepts, STEAM subjects, and good morals through a game-based environment that helps the student enjoy their education while learning to become the next coding genius.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sarvesh Shrivastava, Co-founder and MD, of Eupheus Learning said, “Coding is shaping and advancing almost all industries as of now, our daily lives to be precise reckons on the same. Giving your child an introduction to coding skills is like giving them a magic wand to dream up bigger plans, on their own.”

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