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Go All Creative EDU - Creativity Professional Learning Community

Education innovator and school designer, Ted Fujimoto, and film and television actress and content producer, Leigh Faith, launch a video-based Professional Development platform, Go All Creative EDU (, that brings the authentic, real-world voice and experience of highly successful Super Creatives into schools.

Go All Creative EDU Special Edition Season 1 features Super Creatives that include multi-Grammy award-winning music producer and songwriter, Tricky Stewart (i.e., Beyoncé / Single Ladies, Rihanna / Umbrella), music composer of some of the highest grossing video games, Jeremy Soule (i.e., Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Harry Potter), international fashion designers, Audrie and Georg Roth, and Oscar nominated filmmaker, Pen Densham (i.e., Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Backdraft).

"Many school teams have noble aspirations and the goal to better support creativity and learning. But, it’s one thing to have the goal, it’s another to actually implement it," says Ted Fujimoto. "We felt it was highly important and useful to bring the voice and experience of some of the world’s top Super Creatives into the school team’s professional development and staff discussions. Obviously, not every school has access to these Super Creatives for logistical, financial and relationship reasons, so we wanted to make the goal attainable using media."

The first season features 5 episodes 15 to 18 minutes long with accompanying activity and discussion guides for school teams, students and the home. "We filmed over 100 hours of conversations with these Super Creatives over the past 2 years and were surprised about the commonality of their practices even across unrelated disciplines," states Leigh Faith. "We organized the 1st season around 5 big themes that emerged from these conversations."

Go All Creative EDU Season 1 themes cover the importance of iterating your work, the power of curiosity in rewiring the brain, use of calibration experiences to create excellence and the power and importance of relationships. The videos can be supplemented by live or in-person appearances by Leigh Faith and Ted Fujimoto. It is designed to complement other Professional Development around Project/Problem Based Learning, STEM/STEAM, Design Thinking and other deeper learning and 21st century skills-based instructional strategies.

About Leigh Faith

Leigh is a film and television actress featured in over 20 projects including a pilot for CBS, Jersey Shore Shark Attack (Syfy) and All About Christmas Eve (Lifetime), and produces content through her production company, Unleighshed Media Group.

About Ted Fujimoto

Ted is an education innovator, school designer and entrepreneur who co-founded the original New Technology High School in Napa, California, and the replication organization that is now the New ech Network with over 200 schools. He has helped design the scaling and replication strategies for organizations that redesigned over 700 high performing public schools.

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