Pinterest: A Curation Tool in Education

Pinterest: A Curation Tool in Education

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media site and is a great tool for curation. Curating the information spread across the web is made easier by Pinterest as it is easy to use, has a good UI and it is a free tool available on iOS and android

 platforms. It provides a new way to collect and organize information in form of images, videos with analytics integration and also you’ll now see:

  • Product pins for things with pricing, availability, and where to buy (used for apps in educational context)
  • Recipe pins that include cook time, ingredients, and servings
  • Movie pins with content ratings, cast members, and more

The social aspect of the site is that you can follow and share your boards and pins with other Pinterest users. Though users from various industries are finding this a good, new and exciting tool, innovative and experimental educators, and edtech enthusiasts have caught on to Pinterest in a big way. From kindergarten to college, teachers, professors and students are using Pinterest creatively to organize and share ideas from all around the Web and even in their own classrooms and campuses.
Have a have a look at this great infographic to learn more about Pinterest and see how and why educators and educational institutions are using Pinterest inside and outside of the classroom.


Professors, Peers, and Pinterest
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