Why Your School MUST Participate in the Mangahigh South Asia Math Ninja Challenge

Why Your School MUST Participate in the Mangahigh South Asia Math Ninja Challenge

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors” – African Proverb

Challenges encourage us to engage in productive struggle and to push the boundaries of our knowledge to achieve victory. The entire process of engaging with challenges helps us to grow and learn. This is why we urge your school to come and participate in our South Asia Math Ninja Challenge to ensure all students are able to find their hidden math potential and to grow beyond what they ever imagined! And it is completely FREE to participate in.

On 29th April, we're starting our Maths Ninja Challenge 2019 and we would love your school to join us! Here are a few of the dynamic schools who have signed up the challenge this year-

The British School, New Delhi

Bloomingdales International School

DPS Ghaziabad

Sri Venkateshwar International School

Rehendhi School, Maldives

Rishikul Vidyapeeth

Royal Institute of Smart Education, Bangladesh

Lilavatibai Podar School

RBK International School

Gateway College Colombo, Sri Lanka

Vidya Devi Jindal School

Paramlakshya World School

Kulachi Hasraj Model School

Scottish High International School

….. and many more.

What is the Maths Ninja Challenge?

It's an ONLINE maths competition running between 29th April - 10th May, 2019 where schools across South Asia will compete with each other on Mangahigh's game-based learning platform. Students can participate from home and/or school and there is no cost to participate. The competition is a great opportunity for teachers to see the impact of digital game-based learning and also offers students joyful practice of mathematics. All schools across the region are eligible to participate.

It's completely free to take part, and there are some fantastic prizes awarded to individual students and schools!

How do students benefit from participating?

For two weeks, students earn competition points by playing standard-aligned math games at any grade level at school and or/home. This gives students who have never received an academic award at school a chance to shine! Success builds on success, boosting students’ motivation to keep pushing to higher levels of understanding, while playing fun math games.

How are teachers supported during the competition?

Our success coaches offer free training webinars on the Mangahigh platform and games-based pedagogy before the competition starts. They also provide on-going coaching to share ideas about how to use Mangahigh for your classroom, for intervention and/or after-school programs. They can teach you how to set assignments aligned to the lessons you are currently teaching or you can simply allow students to complete scaffolding activities identified by Mangahigh’s AI algorithm, based on the work students attempted on their own during free play.

To sign up for one of the training webinars, simply head to the Maths Ninja page and select the best day for you!

How does the competition work?

Students earn medal points by completing standards-aligned game challenges on Mangahigh. Students’ points count towards their school's running total and are updated continuously on a leaderboard that is posted on their Mangahigh dashboard. The top 10 schools on the leaderboard at the end of the competition receive a trophy. As for individual students, those who have earned 200-499 points will receive a certificate, and those who earn 500+ points will receive a Mangahigh medal!

What are the prizes?

There are a range of prizes on offer for both your school and your students. There are also teachers prizes up for grabs!

Sounds great, how can we join in?

Full details including how to register for the event, signing up to training and how to earn points can be found on the competition website.


About Mangahigh

Mangahigh is a personalized, adaptive, mathematics-learning program that has been used by over 5000+ schools in over 50 countries. Schools and students around the world are using Mangahigh to overcome their math fear and build stronger math skills through AI and gamification.

In a recent news, Mangahigh has won the prestigious All India Council for Robotics and Automation Award 2019 in the category of Best Online Education Provider. We are privileged and humbled that our hard work is reaching hundreds of thousands of children and our efforts are being recognized.

About the Author
Author: Ritika Subhash
Ritika Subhash is the Director of Schools at Mangahigh.com, a global education-technology firm that implements personalized online math and logic programs at schools around the world. They are working toward removing math anxiety from the minds of students through their gamified portal.

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