6 Igniting TED Talks For School Administrators

6 Igniting TED Talks For School Administrators

The role of being a school administrator is not easy.

It is immensely a hectic time for them to juggle up with multiple tasks. However, no matter how busy an administrator turns up to be it’s important for them to make time to be inspired. After all, no amount of time can make up for a daily menial of uninspired and passion-draining work.

Education is a highly dynamic environment that demands deft and creative leadership. Thus, we have compiled a list of six very short but highly charged up and motivational TED Talks that can instigate administrators to work on creative ideas and inspire school leaders to achieve goals by treading the unconventional way!

1. Linda Cliatt- Wayman: How to Fix a Broken School?

We begin with a power packed talk by school Principal Linda Wayman. In this video, she shares her personal experiences with transformative pedagogy in schools. She emphasises on three key principles which help to inform her successful approach to bring forth creativity and success to learning environment which is in crisis.

2. Bill Gates: Teachers Need Real Feedback

The second video is yet another master stroke and this time it is a talk by none other than Bill Gates- a proponent of creative education system. In this video, you will find Bill Gates suggesting that even great teachers can get better with smart feedback- and lays out a program from his foundation to bring it to every classroom. Hear it to know more on it.

3. Sal Khan: Let’s Teach for Mastery- not Test Scores

The third in the list is a video by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, explains why allowing students to learn at their own unique pace is the key to mastering concepts. Take a refreshing look at how scheduling and standardised testing might not be meeting the needs of students, and open the door to optimizing learning through individualized learning plans that lead to mastery.

4. Andreas Schleicher: Using Data to build Better Schools

The fourth in the list is a talk essential if administrators are looking out to make pedagogical practices more attuned to personalised learning models. In this video, Andreas Schleicher explains how Leaders and teachers can harness the power of data to leverage learning for your students. Schleicher takes a global perspective as he compares education data by city and country.

5. Mae Jemison on Teaching Arts and Sciences Together

The fifth one in the list is a talk by Mae Jemison which is my personal favourite and which I would recommend all the leaders to not miss out. She is a well-known astronaut, a doctor, an art collector, a dancer. In this video, she shares her personal education experience and calls on educators to teach both the arts and sciences, both intuition and logic, as one- to create bold thinkers.

6. Richard Baraniuk on Open-Source Learning

Last but not the least is a video by Rice University professor Richard Baraniuk. In this video, the professor explains the vision behind Connexions, his open-source, online education system. It cuts out the textbook, allowing teachers to share and modify course materials freely, anywhere in the world.

Hearing to TEDTalks has always been great use of time as they are a source of inspiration, knowledge and motivation for everyone involved in the education community. We therefore believe you found the list of TED talks mentioned above useful and informative. Isn’t it?

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