Prudential First A.S., Signs Agreement With Turkish Universities to Award 2600 Student Admission Scholarships

Prudential First A.S., Signs Agreement With Turkish Universities to Award 2600 Student Admission Scholarships

Prudential First A.S., signs agreement with Turkish Universities to award 2600 scholarships for the admission of international students in undergraduate and graduate programs!

A Turkish educator and student recruitment company, Prudential First, A.S., has signed a scholarship agreement worth millions of dollars to award 2600 scholarships on multiple criteria. This agreement will facilitate the admission of foreign students wishing to attend Turkish universities. This will ensure the creation of a global cultural exchange with Turkish students enrolled at Turkish universities. The scholarship will be awarded to students from all over the globe regardless of race, nationality, or religion. This move will help Turkish universities that are struggling with foreign enrollment and bring in international students that will fuel the sluggish Turkish economy.

The scholarship is open to undergraduates, graduates, and transfer students that have successfully completed the secondary education (Grade 12 or 13) in their home country. The applicants should have fluency in the English language and be ready to move to Turkey before the commencement of the fall semester which usually starts in September. A few exceptions will be made to accept applicants in the spring semester which starts in February. Interested students can apply directly on the Prudential First, A.S., website by submitting scholarship application for Fall 2019. 

Prudential First, A.S., has agreement in the works with Canadian universities to accept scholarship awarded students in their final year (senior year) in Canada. Applicants interested in continuing their degree in Canada will be offered to study three years in Turkey and transfer for the final year to contracted Canadian universities/colleges for the completion of their Canadian degrees. The program is also a pathway program to permanent residence in selected provinces where students can be eligible for a 60% tuition refund from the Canadian government upon successful completion and permanent settlement in that particular province leading to Canadian citizenship. 

The CEO of Prudential First A.S., understands the educational needs of deserving international students and the struggle searching for jobs. 

This is a small step towards helping thousands of international students achieve their dreams by completing their education in a foreign country which otherwise would not have been possible for them.

Prudential First A.S., has not signed any agents anywhere in the world to process the scholarships. Students are encouraged to apply directly on by following the easy instructions.

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